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Released in 2019, 14 tracks, 47 min

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With “Girl”, Maren Morris definitely redefines Country Music

I was actually quite excited to listen to this album, as I had heard Maren Morris in an NPR interview after her last release. She struck me as energetic, and her music a lot of fun. But country? Well I would say that the first album was more so, but, at least in my opinion, her latest entitled Girl only really has one track that sounds like what one might traditionally call Country, with the others suggesting a link to it. But from what I’ve heard her say in regards to the album, she is proud of this diversity in sound and more importantly the fact that Nashville has received it quite well. There are many notable examples, even current ones, where artists have been rejected from this somewhat exclusive genre for not staying close enough to that desired sound. I guess one of the most prominent of these would be Taylor Swift. But by daring to stretch what is possible, many believe that Morris might be able to finally remove these old barriers that are, in some respects at least, rooted in less desirable elements such as racism and a closing out of the other. And this doesn’t even begin to get at the relative dearth of women in country when compared to men, a problem some might say is getting worse. With regard to the depth of influence from which Morris draws though, there are, for example, a couple of hard rock sounding songs, at least three R&B influenced tracks, and some that can hardly be classified. But the album on a whole is enjoyable, and as I reclined there listening to it, I found myself nearly drawn out of the chair. While some, most notably the title track address serious issues, she mostly lets herself have fun in unspooling these individual and collective pieces of art, with a team of writers that goes about ten deep and occasionally includes her husband, along with her own written contributions to each song. This breadth of writers increases the songs’ relatability to nearly all listeners, and so there should be at least a little something for everyone therein. While I could honestly say I enjoyed all of the tracks, I had a few favorites in particular which I will detail further below.

Jun 20, 2019

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  • Mar 08, 2019


  • Country


  • Columbia Nashville


  • busbee
  • Greg Kurstin

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