Ivy to Roses


Released in 2017, 8 tracks, 34 min

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"Ivy to Roses"

The Old Mabel Meets The New

What do you do when you are an unknown artist? How do you make your way into the competitive music industry? Should you be yourself? Should you get carried away ''by those on top''? How will the public react? All these questions are sure to haunt the heads of thousands of young artists who have the dream to emerge in this difficult music world, as full of glories as of sorrow. I would not be surprised if young Mabel, a 23-year-old British artist born in Malaga, has questioned this too. For those who do not know her, she is a young R&B promise that appeared in the music scene about 4 years ago, when the critics fell in love with her, but she did not cause great impact in the music market. Since then, the singer has released singles, as well as an EP called Bedroom, several collaborations with the top DJ of the time, and a mixtape: Ivy To Roses, at the end of 2017, and relaunched it with new songs at the beginning of this year. My attention is drawn to the way in which this last project has been proposed, which is the one we are going to analyze. We already presented the eternal struggle in the narrative of ANTI, where we explained that the record companies tend to squeeze their singers with songs without personality. Rihanna, due to her status, has managed to avoid this and be heard by herself, but ... what if you are a relatively new artist without any strength in this industry? Well, Mabel has been very smart.

Written by @FerSP from Fernando Sempere
Jun 11, 2019

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"Ivy to Roses"

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"Ivy to Roses"

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"Ivy to Roses"

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"Ivy to Roses"

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"Ivy to Roses"

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"Ivy to Roses"

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"Ivy to Roses"



  • Oct 13, 2017


  • R&B

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Ivy to Rosesby Mabel
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