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Album by Lupe Fiasco
2017, 14 tracks, 1 hour 2 mins 24 sec


May 31, 2019

DROGAS Light Is Not An Example Of Lupe’s Abilities, But His Character As A Person

After he dropped his fifth studio album Tetsuo & Youth, in the few interviews that he did, which he said were his last ever, Lupe Fiasco was visibly a happier man. That was because it was the album that got him off of his deal with Atlantic Records, the major label whose antics for close to a decade left the rapper depressed. The mood was celebratory after that album dropped because it meant that Lupe was now going to be an independent artist, free of the prison sentence that he likened his record deal to on “Prisoner 1 & 2”. His next album DROGAS Light was highly anticipated by fans, who fully expected that he’d be back to his regular self after the trials and tribulations of yesteryear, but unfortunately that was not the case. Not because he’d lost it, not because he was uninspired, but because the deal technically wasn’t over. “It was like in both worlds … so somewhat on the label, label still getting paid, and then like another foot in the independent, where they weren’t gon’ do shit to promote it”. For some reason, probably to do with his complicated contract, Atlantic Records was still getting paid from DROGAS Light despite him not being their artist. Though that meant he had creative freedom, there was one problem. It stemmed from a vow that Lupe made in the leadup to LASERS. “I was like ‘you know what? I will never, ever, ever, as long as I’m on this label, give this label my heart”. Since his sophomore effort, Lupe Fiasco never put his full creative heart into a project because he felt that his label didn’t deserve it. This revelation only came after DROGAS Light dropped though, so when that LP came out and wasn’t on the level of Food & Liquor or The Cool, it was strange for fans.

Written by @Akaash from Hip-Hop-N-More




Album Info

"DROGAS Light"


  • Feb 10, 2017


  • Rap


  • 1st & 15
  • Thirty Tigers


Drogas Light (stylized as DROGAS Light) is the sixth studio album by American hip hop recording artist Lupe Fiasco, released by 1st and 15th Productions on February 10, 2017. This is also his first album under Thirty Tigers following his departure from Atlantic Records.
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