3 (The Purple Album)

AlbumbyLukas Graham

Released in 2018, 10 tracks, 34 min

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"3 (The Purple Album)"

While Not The Biggest Fan Of Lukas Graham’s Output, I Commend His Skillful Execution Of Introspective Pop On ‘3 (The Purple Album)’

I used to have a Danish friend named Sammi (I believe that is how he spelled his name), and my memories of him, besides the fact that he was a cool and stand up guy, was that his English was so ‘American’ in its delivery. I remember asking him, since he learned English in Europe, why his accent didn’t take after England, because of it’s proximity to his own nation. I vaguely remember that he said something to the affect of; American music and TV were heavily consumed by his culture, and folks like him rather admired the sound off my accent. Lukas Graham and crew are Danes who seem to subscribe to this view as well, as their vocals especially are pretty indistinguishable from that of American Soul accents – impressive enough to my ears to be a non issue, where I would have just assumed that the Pop act was from Los Angeles. Mimicry notwithstanding, the group is not trying to be the greatest R&B singers in the world, but rather, I feel that they are more interested in introspective, storied Pop, in the vein of Ed Sheeran, and the very successful debut album, Lukas Graham, seemed to me to be designed to chase Sheeran’s international dynamite success at that time. The second time around on 3 (The Purple Album), the theme is all about growing up, with several songs tackling fatherhood, since lead singer Lukas had a child between albums. Like the deep heartfelt songs on Lukas Graham, exemplified by the truly moving “You’re Not There”, which was about the absence Lukas felt by his father’s passing, he is equally deep and almost too hard on himself about missing pivotal moments in his new child’s life, due to the demanding schedule and pressures of a maintaining a successful music career. Therefore, after hearing only a few songs off of 3 (The Purple Album), I pretty much got the gist that this was a pretty fantastic album in its own right.

Written by @taylor
Mar 07, 2019

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"3 (The Purple Album)"

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"3 (The Purple Album)"

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"3 (The Purple Album)"

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"3 (The Purple Album)"

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"3 (The Purple Album)"

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"3 (The Purple Album)"

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"3 (The Purple Album)"


  • Oct 26, 2018


  • Pop


  • Copenhagen
  • Then We Take the World
  • Warner Bros.


  • Hennedub
  • Rissi
  • Pilo
  • NOVA Wav


3 (The Purple Album) is the third studio album by Danish band Lukas Graham. It was released on 26 October 2018 by Copenhagen Records, Then We Take the World and Warner Bros. Records. The album features songs about "growing up and moving on". The band will tour in support of the album in 2019. The album debuted at number one in Denmark while on the singles chart, "Love Someone" stayed atop for an eighth week, "Not a Damn Thing Changed" rose back up to number two and the other eight album tracks also entered.
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