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Finding It Hard to Smile

Album by lovelytheband
2018, 16 tracks, 54 mins 17 sec


Apr 19, 2019

Lovelytheband Attempts To Not Just Sound Like Another Indie Pop Band, But Is This Wishful Thinking?

While lovelytheband sound talented and must have worked extremely hard creating a joyous synth pop experience for a listener like me to enjoy, they don’t have a terribly unique sound, as I hear influences from a slew of other artists and bands. Synth pop generally is a quite uniform genre anyways, and so bands must diversify one’s style, in terms of either joyful versus dark, or the fine tuning of electronic timbre per instrument to create a sound original to them or indicative of a nostalgic era, or making arrangements that lean towards say dance music or rock music. On album Finding It Hard to Smile, I hear a mix of Youngblood, 1975, Jamiroquai, and Empire of the Sun. Mind you, all these mentioned bands are either Australian or British, so it was a little surprising for me to discover that lovelytheband is American. I mean, their sound definitely leans towards the happy danceable pop of Australia specifically, and the British diaspora overall, and even their name is such an English thing to say; ‘lovely, this band, yeah?’ Inspirations intact, band members Mitchy Collins (vocals), Jordan Greenwald (guitars), and Sam Price (drums) are making waves in what ultimately is categorized more as the indie pop scene – and though not all songs thrill me due to some pretty canned formulas herein, there are plenty of songs to snipe some feel good jams to include on a LA Nights playlist. It makes sense that these guys are LA transplants anyways, because from the sound of it, Finding It Hard to Smile consists of 50 percent selling out and 50 percent aesthetically affecting music. I feel they are playing to win, therefore catering to the widest audience with ‘the formula’, vying for the same US mega success of Maroon 5, The Killers, Walk the Moon, and OneRepublic.

Written by @taylor




Album Info

"Finding It Hard to Smile"


  • Aug 03, 2018


  • Alternative/Indie Rock


  • Another Century


Finding It Hard to Smile (stylized as "finding it hard to smile") is the debut studio album by indie pop band Lovelytheband, released on August 3, 2018. The forthcoming album was announced on June 29, 2018, along with the release of the track "Alone Time".
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