[X X] - EP


Released in 2019, 6 tracks, 18 min

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"[X X] - EP"

Who Is The Next Big Girl Group Internationally: ‘[X X] – EP’ Has Me Thinkin’ LOONA

I can always count on the genre of K Pop to provide for me the greatest variety of music per album – you folks at home should really give South Korean music a chance. Play just about any album of hundreds out there, and you will find at least one song that speaks to you, even if you don’t speak the language. This is exactly what happened when I came across LOONA and their album X X – EP, all because I heard one single called “Where You at” which absolutely blew my mind – leading me to this exceptional girl group. Big announcement y’all – Western girl groups absolutely suck right now. K Pop is where it has been at for years – as they push the envelope by including a whole host of genres in their catalogue, mixing several genres in one song often, and always delivering very impressive vocal harmonies on top of that. What do we got in America or the UK? Fifth Harmony and Little Mix, respectfully? Is Fifth Harmony even together anymore? On hiatus right? Well, should they come back as Forth Harmony sans Camila Cabello, I am skeptical that their rather one-tracked R&B Pop could move me as much as LOONA’s diverse styles – not all 100 percent perfect mind you, but all noble efforts in an industry that has dozens of such girl groups also pumping out good music. I don’t see that type of industry competition happening in the West anytime soon – yet I’m happy just to redirect my attentions to Korean Pop if it is going to continue to sound this amazing – filling the void that has persisted since the absence of real nineties R&B girl groups such as TLC, En Vogue, Changing Faces, and SWV. These groups had a special romantic quality that a group like LOONA has clearly studied, if you peruse the sounds of their other albums, yet on X X – EP there is a bit less throwback instrumentation and a bit more modernity, such as Trap and Future Bass sounds. Whatever style they tackle though, I have been delighted by them even more than my usual go-to groups TWICE and AOA.

Written by @taylor
Apr 02, 2019

LOOΠΔ Raises The Bar For What Beauty K Pop Can Achieve In [X X] - EP

Guys, I’ve been curating music as a living for the better part of three years now & writing about it for the last 14 months, toiling away for hours at a time to give my perspective on music both modern & vintage in an effort to understand what it is that makes the world’s most beloved music tick. Naturally, I have my own preconceived notions about what constitutes ‘good’ music these days & I try my best to be as objective as possible when analyzing albums I think are hot garbage that others might love unconditionally, but I’ve gotta tell you, I haven’t heard anything as refreshingly pleasant as K Pop breakout LOOΠΔ’s most recent album X X – EP in a really, REALLY long time – Over the last year or so, the music industry at large has moved forward with an inspiring sense of artistic growth, whether it be the utterly fantastic Self-Titled record of R&B powerhouse Ella Mai, the surprisingly intriguing work of Lennon Stella or the brilliant retro-revival tunes coming out of the new Country music scene from acts like Margo Price, but time & time again these genuinely-skillful artists are pushed back from the mainstage to make room for another round of generic albums from the world’s favourite celebrity personalities, as trendiness seems to have more to do with the success of popular music than true compositional skill. Thankfully, one genre virtually everyone can agree produces nothing but hits is the wonderful world of K Pop, going from niche subculture only a short 5 years ago with a very predictable sound to the hottest commodity in the industry back in 2017, refining itself so much in the years since that the majority of its releases throughout 2018 accounted for some of the best musicianship the industry has seen since the late-nineties; LOOΠΔ is no exception to this melodic progress, representing the pinnacle of Korean Girl Idol groups thus far with a production that’s jam-packed with absolutely breathtaking Alternative R&B jams with a sleek EDM sheen, breaking free of the kitschy genre gimmicks of K Pop’s past with a stellar sound all their own that pushes the genre forward – Sure, bands like NCT U, BTS & GOT7 all made some major strides last year, but with X X – EP, LOOΠΔ take things to a whole other level that helps cement the reality that K Pop artists can exist within other genres without having to specifically adhere to traditional K Pop conventions in their songwriting, making for a more homogenous listening experience for everyone involved.

Mar 07, 2019

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"[X X] - EP"



  • Feb 19, 2019

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