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Bobby Tarantino

Album by Logic
2016, 11 tracks, 32 mins 8 sec


May 24, 2019

‘Bobby Tarantino’ Is An Effective Break From Deeper Rap

I’m not quite sure when you’ll be reading this, but I wrote it in May of 2019 and as of now, Logic has already put out two full length projects this year in his Supermarket soundtrack and Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. Not to mention his debut novel. Before that, in 2018 he put out Bobby Tarantino II and YSIV, functioning consistently at an incredibly high work rate. It’s rare for someone of his calibre, that is, a rapper with chart success and a loyal, cult-like following. The only person I can think of that does anything similar is Curren$y who is an indie rapper putting out free music so that he can constantly tour all the time, which is no fair comparison. There has been so much new music from Logic in such little time that even huge fans are calling for the rapper to take a break and refrain from oversaturating the market. I can’t say that would be a bad call. The influx of new music has caused me to reminisce on slower times, back when Logic was still somewhat of a new artist. He released his debut album Under Pressure in October of 2014, then his sophomore album The Incredible True Story in November of 2015, eleven months later. That is still a quick turnaround relative to other debut to sophomore breaks – Drake took seventeen months, J. Cole took twenty one months and Kendrick Lamar took twenty nine months, for comparison’s sake – but it’s a snail’s pace compared to what we’re used to now. Back when he paced himself, to break up the potential monotony of album cycles and let them breathe a little bit, Logic decided to put out a mixtape after his second album dropped.

Written by @Akaash from Hip-Hop-N-More




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"Bobby Tarantino"



  • Jul 01, 2016


  • Rap