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"Cuz I Love You"

May 10, 2019

Lizzo’s Bold And Empowering Album ‘Cuz I Love You’, Simply Show Stopping

Written by @missikonic / 6 mins read

What a time to be Lizzo, from her recent Coachella experience alongside the iconic Janelle Monáe to the release of this classic album Cuz I Love You. She’s riding high on a wave of success, freedom in her music and unparalleled confidence. The Atlantic Records signee represents the perfect experimental vibe sifting from deep-rooted hip-hop content to pop inclinations. Her 2016 EP Coconut Oil marked the dawn of her separation from hip-hop alone and into the pool of mere creativity with no genre bounds. The Houston native rapper, singer, actor, flautist and songwriter sets not limits for herself thus catapulting her light-years ahead of any potential competition. Lizzo reflects, “I was like, ‘I’m afraid of my voice. I’m afraid of people thinking that I’m one thing…I had to just lose that fear, because the more people get to know me, the more they’ll realize I have many, many, many levels to me.” Compartmentalizing a talent such as Lizzo would be impossible and the versatility present in this album proves just that from vocally daring opening tracks like “Cuz I Love You” to ageless, nostalgic tunes like “Juice,” she’s inspiring, dauntless and beautiful. Her experimental musical efforts are what clearly divorce her from the modern day flock.

Lizzo’s A True Chameleon In This Latest Body Of Work

The album opens with the piano-horn swelling album titled record “Cuz I Love You” which clearly shows off her vocal capacity and pop-flow brews. It’s obvious that Lizzo is inspired by musical era’s way before her time and the music bleeds with that reminiscent crooner vibe especially in this particular record. She puts a lot of fervor into the execution of this track partnered with her nonchalant, effortless verses. Cuz I Love You is a record of love, passion and perfunctory demeanors turned ardent. My personal favorite, “Like a Girl,” an anthem for the strong, independent, self-made woman brims with confidence, heightened production and worldwide appeal. Lizzo never leaves her personality at the door of her tracks but lets it swank through each record, which is why she has such an unforgettable sound, a stunning sound that doesn’t fit into genre or gender confinements. She sings, “Woke up feelin' like I just might run for President, Even if there ain't no precedent, switchin' up the messaging, I'm about to add a little estrogen, Buy my whip by myself, pay my rent by myself.” The song lyrically details a resilient woman defying the odds, paying her own bills, Presidential dreams and a brawny sense of self-identity. She sings the hell out of this song bringing all that independent passion to the forefront. Speaking of passion, her fan favorite record “Juice” set the tone for this albums expectation. “Juice” listens like something from the 70’s with a dash of modernity, playfulness and open instrumentation. Lizzo’s fearless approach to music is not only inspirational but also timeless. Next up, in her empowering record “Soulmate” she sings, “'Cause I'm my own soulmate, I know how to love me, I know that I'm always gonna hold me down.” Music that’s laced with positivity and uplifting additives overflows with eternal like tendencies. I love this record because it’s a classic anthem for self-love. Subsisting in a generation that appears to be in love with destruction and upstaging the next person it’s refreshing to hear an artist whose confidence is transferrable through her music. Lizzo’s poise is on purpose and well noted.

Lizzo Bares It All, Can You Handle It?

Sitting halfway through the album we arrive at “Jerome,” a classic tune that reminds me of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” with it’s classically aged sound and love based content. This striking ballad really marvels in Lizzo’s vocal dexterity. More than a general artist she’s clearly a multifaceted talent that lives in no one’s boxed ideologies. “Jerome” is beautifully written and even better executed. This record requires feeling, emotion and personal experience for it to be felt. Lizzo’s knack for evoking an emotive listening experience divorces her from the majority partnered with her intrepid lyricism amid her being a striking full-bodied beauty makes her not only an inspiration but also a heroine. Not only is Lizzo a standalone artist but a genius collaborator. Her record “Tempo” featuring the legendary, award winning creative, artist, dancer, songwriter and producer Missy Elliot. This record is doused in flavor from spicy, to twerk-something tendencies making it a classic club anthem. “Tempo” hearkens like what fun sounds like on a track. Both creative’s truly feed off each other in this release making it a stand out tune. Next up she collaborates with the trap-king himself Gucci Mane for “Exactly How I Feel.” When you hear this track you wouldn’t think that this would be the type of record Gucci would feature on but since his release from prison he’s truly expanded his repertoire delving into genres of pop, soul and a little funk on this track. It’s another festive tune. I’ve discussed my favorites but the entire album is a true work of art. Lizzo will be revered as an exceptional musician in and out time due to her enormous personality, valiant lyricism and boundless musical capabilities. It’s evident after listening to this project that she has no interest in being boxed in by this industry. She’s going to make whatever style of music she enjoys and feels. She’s going to curse in her music, post nude photos and touch on controversial topics like self-image, sexism, bareness and more. She’s going to rap and then she might sing or play her flute. I respect musicians more than any other profession because unlike becoming a Doctor or a lawyer where there are a set of rules, procedures and education you can go through to achieve success, music lacks that sure-fire structure. Musicians, especially those like Lizzo, create greatness from a blank canvas of pure creativity and past experiences. There is no sure-fire way to successfully break into the music industry, no equation for good music and no set number of years in school that will make you a prosperous artist – either you have it or you don’t. Lizzo has it. It’s exciting to watch her evolution, bathe in her sound, and be inspired by her gallant demeanor and auspicious flair for creating this thing we called music. Lizzo truly shines in this body of work and embraces the subtle art of not giving a fuck.

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  • Apr 19, 2019


  • Alternative Rap
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Cuz I Love You is the upcoming third studio album and major label debut by American rapper and singer Lizzo. It is scheduled to be released through Nice Life and Atlantic Records on April 19, 2019. The album will feature the single "Juice", which was released in January 2019, and the title track "Cuz I Love You", the video of which was released on February 14. Lizzo will tour in support of the record from April 2019.
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