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Cuz I Love You

Album by Lizzo
2019, 11 tracks, 33 mins 26 sec


Jun 04, 2019

Lizzo’s Puts on a Sonic Self Exclusive Party That Is Impossible to Not Motivate and Effectuate

Sometimes an album can baffle you so distinctively, my ears can’t believe how debilitating this Cuz I love You album by Lizzo is and that coming from me is not overhype or any hype for that matter. Any album that is boosting the element of self-esteem with a continuum of ingenuity & intention is a Gold contender in my opinion. For her newest collection Cuz I Love You, it just magnetizes its way in the lane of Classics for the long haul of it all. This is the first album that Lizzo releases under a major label deal although she is by far not a rookie in this industry as she dropped her debut studio album Lizzobangers in October of 2013 under Total Gross National Product. Due to the fact that she is now signed to Atlantic, it’s definitely hard to miss the commercial presence of Cuz I Love You and Lizzo herself. In interviews on popular television shows & hit radio stations the singer can be seen being herself for the most part which is how you know you’re getting the authentic version of the musician Lizzo on her latest album. Those are the best albums when you know that it’s not fakery and that the person that is behind the act aren’t putting on a front. When you think about it discovering an authentic layer of an artist on the project platformed by a major label is just the beginning part, for the music to be moving enough to touch you in a way where you’ll kind of never forget it is a separate ballgame. Somehow (though it should come as no surprise, due to verifiable potential in her discography) Lizzo creatively packs this combination into a 1, 2 knockout album. Maybe this just shows us that this is one Pop, R&B/Soul artist that we surely can gain a lot from, whether it's soundtracking amazing experiences we have in our lives, to a therapeutic and physiological upliftment.

Written by @cbenson from Cyclolore




Album Info

"Cuz I Love You"



  • Apr 19, 2019


  • Alternative Rap
  • Rap


  • Nice Life
  • Atlantic


  • X Ambassadors
  • Ricky Reed
  • Nate Mercureau
  • Oak


Cuz I Love You is the upcoming third studio album and major label debut by American rapper and singer Lizzo. It is scheduled to be released through Nice Life and Atlantic Records on April 19, 2019. The album will feature the single "Juice", which was released in January 2019, and the title track "Cuz I Love You", the video of which was released on February 14. Lizzo will tour in support of the record from April 2019.
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