Coconut Oil - EP


Released in 2016, 6 tracks, 19 min

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"Coconut Oil - EP"

It Feels Good To Be A Real Woman On Lizzo’s EP ‘Coconut Oil’

Before speaking on Lizzo, let me explain how much I loathe Meghan Trainor’s music, not just because the Pop star is praised for mediocrity, but because her love-me-even-when-I’m-wrong motif is insulting to this man’s intelligence – especially when her catalogue was touted as modern feminism for adults and positive messaging for pre-teen girls. I won’t get into whether or not adults should be inspired by her very immature rallying calls, but it supremely bothered me that her doo wop faux dance pop should also inform our young minds in development to celebrate surface qualities and never apologize for bad behavior. To be fair, the boo-hoo trap music popular of late in modern melodic hip hop is detrimental to both young male and female minds, as sing-song trappers war through song with their disloyal ex’s, without realizing that their self-admitted bad behavior is just as abysmal. Alas, this is an age of young adult entertainers talking out of their asses about the way the world is, without taking any accountability for their own actions. So it was with some trepidation that I dove into the music of Lizzo, whom I was afraid would present misguided Pop interpretations of who should come out on top in this unfolding gender Cold War. What I found was an infinitely more authentic sounding and positive album than anything Trainor could even dream of producing, and beyond the diverse arrangements, the message was universal for once – which is love yourself without belittling those whom you have no choice but to share the world with.

Written by @taylor
Feb 01, 2019

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"Coconut Oil - EP"

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"Coconut Oil - EP"

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"Coconut Oil - EP"

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"Coconut Oil - EP"

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"Coconut Oil - EP"

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"Coconut Oil - EP"

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"Coconut Oil - EP"



  • Oct 07, 2016


  • R&B

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Coconut Oil - EPby Lizzo
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