Look Up Child

AlbumbyLauren Daigle

Released in 2018, 13 tracks, 51 min

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"Look Up Child"

Lauren Daigle sounds a lot like Adele, and that’s epic on ‘Look Up Child’

Perhaps it is hard to be wholly original in this day and age, and therefore there is plenty of copycatting going on, and that’s not so great if your music doesn’t sound fantastic, yet it’s not a bad thing necessarily if your music is on par with the most popular Pop vocalist of the last decade. Dead ass, you can’t tell me that the prevailing piano melody for hit single You Say isn’t a pretty clear rip of Adele’s Someone Like You. Anywhere on Look Up Child where Lauren Daigle opens her mouth, we hear a power on par with the current Queen of Pop – evidence to submit towards the doppelganger claims, where the gospel star vocalizes in a style more similar between these two singers than that of Adele to Aretha Franklin. Knowing this, how much originality does Daigle possess on her album Look Up Child? Hard to say, but it sure all sounds amazing! And what’s more, for devout fans of contemporary Christian music, do the liberties taken here offend in anyway, as they are not in line enough with scripture? Speaking for myself, this album sounds like what I have heard from contemporary Christian music, with its characteristic softness, emphasis on human voicing, power chords and wall of sound moments. The guitar music played here is always easy to listen to, and all of these elements taken as a whole would not be enough to keep me interested. I am not a super church going type, and can not be swayed just but sticking to the script. No, it is the Soul within this contemporary Christian music that holds my attention most. Any voice that attempts to be closer to Gospel singing, I am hooked - and through this, begin to feel the Spirit.

Written by @taylor
Feb 19, 2019

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"Look Up Child"

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"Look Up Child"

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"Look Up Child"

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"Look Up Child"

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"Look Up Child"

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"Look Up Child"

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"Look Up Child"


  • Sep 07, 2018


  • Religious


  • Centricity


Look Up Child is the third studio album by American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle. It was released on September 7, 2018, through Centricity Music.
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