The Fame

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Released in 2008, 15 tracks, 58 min

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"The Fame"

An ordinary day in Summer 2008… and suddenly the first worldwide star of the third millennium was born!

It often happens like this. You wake up one morning, it seems a quiet, ordinary day, and might not even realize it, but the world of music is going to change forever in a blink of an eye, and nothing will be like before. This happens when a new album is released, and the album is going to sell millions and millions of copies in the next periods. Its tracks will be downloaded for years, billions of times by young people from every country of the world. This also happened in 2008 when Lady Gaga released The Fame. A title that is also a goal and a destiny for the album and for the artist. Actually, the first single was released some months before, and Lady Gaga already gained some popularity especially in the US, so she was definitely not new to the music scenes. But nobody could probably forecast the skyrocketing career that was about to begin. The new album featured several worldwide hits, but most of all introduced to the world a new dance and pop icon, with a very personal style. She learnt a lot of lessons from the iconic divas that came before her, and raised the bar to new, unprecedented levels of provocative and teasing images and clips. The name Gaga was born almost randomly during a conversation with her producers, who were talking about Queen and mentioned their milestone hit “Radio Ga-Ga”. It sounded great as a stage name for new star, and the brand Lady Gaga was born! For those who loved the 80s music, she definitely took inspiration from Madonna style, controversy, and taste for excess. For those who loved the 90s music, she is a sort of Gwen Stefani brought to the extreme level. For those who love 2000s music, she is simply Lady Gaga, the first and purest star of the millennium. What I really love in this wonderful woman, artist and performer, is the continuous escalation of her production, be it lyrics, music, and videos. You have never seen anything like this before. But, will you be ready for the next level?

Written by @EightiesAnd30 from 80and30
Jun 04, 2019

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"The Fame"

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"The Fame"

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"The Fame"

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"The Fame"

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"The Fame"

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"The Fame"

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"The Fame"



  • Jan 01, 2008


  • Pop


  • Streamline
  • KonLive
  • Cherrytree
  • Interscope


  • Ron Fair
  • Fernando Garibay
  • Tal Herzberg
  • Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins
  • Lady Gaga
  • RedOne
  • Teddy Riley
  • Space Cowboy


  • Darkchild Studios (Los Angeles, California)
  • FC Walvisch (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Metropolis Studios (London, United Kingdom)
  • Record Plant (Los Angeles, California)
  • Studio Groove (Osaka, Japan)


The Fame Monster (stylized as The Fame Mons†er) is a reissue of American singer Lady Gaga's debut studio album, The Fame (2008), and was released on November 18, 2009, through Interscope Records. Initially planned solely as a deluxe edition reissue of The Fame, Interscope later decided to release the eight new songs as a standalone EP in some territories. The decision was also because Gaga believed the re-release was too expensive and that the albums were conceptually different, describing them as yin and yang. The deluxe edition is a double album featuring the eight new songs on the first disc and The Fame on the second disc. A super deluxe edition with additional merchandise, including a lock from Gaga's wig, was released on December 15, 2009.
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