Joanne (Deluxe)

AlbumbyLady Gaga

Released in 2016, 14 tracks, 48 min

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"Joanne (Deluxe)"

As a Female Pop Enthusiast, I was Let Down & Heartbroken by Joanne Tremendously to My Deepest Inner Core

The fact that Lady Gaga started out the way she did, versus the way this album expresses its connection to that same dance culture. This is not baring all things down to that aspect, but it certainly is a good dynamic to measure the scales of that energy. Lady Gaga use to be so over the top with everything about the music, and Joanne was an album I feel she pretty much let those things go sadly. I do believe the sentiments behind her reasoning considering on a mass level the death of your father's sister can be a bit personal and intimate, for toning things back with all the key elements that made her shoot to the top three way she did. Talent being one of those things most certainly but I'm just not sure it's present on Joanne, musically, lyrically, the aesthetics behind the production. This is sad to write for me but I just feel like this was her worst album, though it wasn't a bad year for Lady Gaga during the time interval of her executing this era it doesn't exempt the turn up elements. I couldn't get hype boasting how I felt about my sexuality, my youthfulness, culture influences or the hype people use to have for her which was pretty powerful before. Everyone uses to go to extremes to show their allegiance from bringing to life the visuals from the album. It would show the power behind the concepts Lady Gaga and her team would create, even her hair would be involved with some of her music giving the music a more prolific visual behind just the songs. For this era, the only thing that really represented her hair was the pink looking cowboy hat and honestly, I can’t think of a singular different hairstyle than that other than straight length blonde and the lengthy ponytail blonde. The letdown that I felt/feel for this album isn’t just the toned back aspect of all her former extreme ways it’s the lack of inspiration in any of this material from the one of the Queens of inspiration.

Written by @cbenson from Cyclolore
Jun 14, 2019

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"Joanne (Deluxe)"

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"Joanne (Deluxe)"

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"Joanne (Deluxe)"

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"Joanne (Deluxe)"

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"Joanne (Deluxe)"

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"Joanne (Deluxe)"

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"Joanne (Deluxe)"



  • Oct 21, 2016


  • Pop

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