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A Star Is Born [2018] [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Album by Lady Gaga
2018, 34 tracks, 1 hour 9 mins 7 sec


May 13, 2019

Lady Gaga, How To Split A Star In Two

I follow her from her since the beginning of her career with an admiration that comes to fanaticism, I have always thought that her name will last as few in the history of contemporary music for at least more than a century. Lady Gaga is in that direction and will get it I'm sure however, decisions like acting and singing in the film A Star Is Born make her lose momentum. I think this because, apart from being a movie seen many times in other versions, which makes it predictable, almost always that a singer dabbles in the art of acting does it wrong and, if we add that the direction of the film did not have a balance between the importance should have been given to the Lady Gaga’s role; against the excessive attention to the role played by Bradley Cooper, our star was left without shine. I must confess that I am not a fan of movies with depressing or extremely sad stories, perhaps also because of that I was a little disappointed to see Lady Gaga involved in this project. Examples of singers who fail in performance abound, but none seems to learn from other people's experiences or, that the temptation to achieve success in other artistic expressions is very great. Regardless of having won many awards, for me it was not a smart move to shore up his career, especially when we talk about the performance. Maybe this is the last thing that makes me uncomfortable; I mean, the acting part and the movie itself, because when I listen to the songs played by our artist without even seeing the video clips with images of the movie, things change. I understand that it is impossible to split a star in two, but that's what I would like to do with this attempt by Lady Gaga to diversify and enrich her artistic career, just stick with the songs she plays, after all, are those songs and her great interpretation that creates beautiful images in my eyes.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio




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"A Star Is Born [2018] [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]"



  • Oct 05, 2018


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