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Rhythm of Love

Album by Kylie Minogue
1990, 11 tracks, 44 mins 52 sec


Jun 07, 2019

Unveiling the hitmaker or better yet hit copier.

It was on this album that Kylie became a part of the production process, hence it is safe to assume that the words that are sung to an extent a representation of her person and experiences. But that is not completely correct. Right from the onset of Kylie’s career, a lot of Madonna’s person and craft was copied and re-engineered. Probably, the artist was a big fan. That did not really change on her third album, rather the artist took her art to the next level. Instead of blurring up the sound in order to make it difficult for people to see that this is actually Madonna’s material, she made a full album that obtained its entire inspiration from a single by Madonna, “Express Yourself.” To further ensure the success of the album, one of Madonna’s fellow workers was part of the production team for this album. Despite, all this effort, she fell short in delivering a perfect replica of Madonna’s work. Surprisingly, it is recorded that the album received moderately positive reviews from critics. The album signified a turning point in the entertainer’s career. It was characterized by a euro dance-influenced sound instead of the usual bubble gum pop sound that was recorded on her last two albums. The album is mainly focused on love, sex, cheating and having fun but unlike her last two albums, it created quite a number of sexual images on the tracks. The album recorded moderate success but her fans were thankful that she came out of her comfort zone and did something new and this new sound placed her in a spot very close to higher ranking female artists around the globe. Her fans often attribute the success of her entire career to this particular album. So in a way, the entire success of Kylie Monigue as an entertainer is a direct result of the brilliant work of Madonna.




Album Info

"Rhythm of Love"


  • Nov 12, 1990


  • Electronic


  • Mushroom
  • PWL


  • Stock Aitken Waterman
  • Keith Cohen
  • Stephen Bray
  • Michael Jay
  • Rick James


  • PWL Studios, London


Rhythm of Love is the third studio album by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue, released on 12 November 1990 by Mushroom Records. In contrast to her previous studio albums, Stock Aitken Waterman were the primary producers of the album, along with new producers and collaborations including Keith Cohen, Stephen Bray, and Michael Jay. At the age of twenty-two at the time, Minogue started to become independently more involved in the process of creating and arranging the project compared to her two previous efforts, resulting in the album directing her to a new path in her career, with a more sexual image and a more dance-influenced sound. Rhythm of Love deals with many subjects including her real-time adulthood, cheating, having fun, bad boys, crushes, and relationships.
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