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Album by Kylie Minogue
2018, 16 tracks, 53 mins 43 sec


Jun 14, 2019

An epoch way to celebrate a golden jubilee by sharing epic life stories

Kylie Minogue is one out of a few dedicated musicians who dedicate their lives to their music career to see it reach its apex. Kylie though advanced in age (almost 50 years old) still has the nostalgic charismatic sensation in her rhythms. The Australian singer has recorded multiple successes in her musical career tallying fourteen albums in her 30 years of active music. Kylie’s intent for her 50 years of sojourning the earth was to create an album that commemorates her Golden Jubilee celebration, hence the album title Golden. The album is intended to be a form of an autobiography for the songstress telling the story of her transition from a dance queen to the stardom she has enjoyed. Many reformations have been recorded for Kylie’s music style as she was first unveiled vintage-pop then transformed to the sophisticated Kylie we all know today. Though the artist has never attained the pinnacle state where icons like Madonna have conquered, yet her footprints are deeply engraved in the sands of time. Golden is the 14th studio album released on April 6th 2018 by the pop star via BMG/Liberator Music. The 40 minutes track is the first of its kind from Kylie with modern day genre fusion of disco/dance and country-esque pop. Since the album was something personal, no other person was fit to tell the story of Kylie’s life better than herself so the album “Golden” was co-written and co-produced by the artiste. Being one of her most personal efforts, the album is a gallery of life travails including death, failed relationships, dancing and living life to the fullest. Little wonder why the album encapsulates country music and the feeling of home purity as majority of the album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. The Australian tinsel fairy recorded Golden shortly after her split from her former fiance. Upon listening to the album, one would mistake having the legendary Madonna on the microphone while doing a full split on the dance floor.

May 17, 2019

‘Golden’ Allows Kylie to Shine & Glitter

Kylie Minogue, Australia’s pop queen, delivers a slightly different album for her fans. But when I think of this album, it’s much more for Kylie. Having gone through a very public breakup and constant flux with record labels, Kylie delivers Golden - an album less about trying to score hits and more about producing honest music. Minogue, who occasionally writes a song here and there for her albums, takes the lead and cowrote every song on this album. And after having an entire album recorded, a producer suggested she experiment with country music. Kylie boarded a plane to Nashville, reworked and rewrote the album, cutting and editing, and finished with a record that is as heavy with pop beats as it is with country nostalgia. For diehard Kylie fans, this might seem like a steep departure from the modern disco hits that she is known for. And while there are glimpses of disco Kylie in the album, this is a much more personal and intimate album. The album kicks off with the lead single, ‘Dancing.’ This song took several listens for me to really appreciate it. And while the song it catchy and makes you want to line-dance (or jump up and down to the remixes), it’s apparently Minogue’s prerogative on death. The lyrics “I can’t stand still. I won’t slow down. When I go out, I wanna go out dancing” reflects on Kylie’s determination to embrace life until the very end. She continues with “Everybody's got a story, Let it be your blaze of glory, Burning bright, never fade away. And when the final curtain falls, we could say we did it all, The never ending of a perfect day.” So while the song is catchy and dancing worthy, Kylie is taking stock of life and planning to make the most of it. The second song (and next single) ‘Stop Me From Falling’ continues with the upbeat feeling. This song is sweet and naturally dance-y - though more with a beach holiday vibe than pulsing hard in a club. So it wasn’t surprising that she released a version featuring Gente De Zona with a music video filmed in Cuba. The video showcases a stunning Minogue dancing her way through the streets of Havana in colourful fashions. Now while these songs deliver what I want from Kylie musically, for me the real gold (pun intended) comes from some of the slower songs that didn’t make it to radio. ‘Lifetime to Repair’ has a playful honky-tonk sound to it with the banjo. It discusses Minogue’s past break-ups and future love potential. ‘Live A Little’ is a happy lil empowering anthem about taking on life’s challenges. ‘Shelby ’68’ - based upon Minogue’s dad’s car and the year she was born, takes us down a dusty ride down memory lane. The simplicity and nostalgia of the song seem to be the perfect bridge between pop and country. I think that the only thing that could have made this song better is if it featured Taylor Swift. Finally, my favourite song (and most listened too song of 2018) is ‘Radio On.’ Granted, the song is ethereally sad. This is what comes of a great songwriting session. The song doesn’t need to hide behind dance beats, catchy hooks or overproduction. Simple is often best - and I can literally put this song on repeat for hours and not tire of the music or the vocals. Damn I wish it had been released as a single on country radio…but maybe it’ll get picked up for a movie soundtrack as it seems to have that vast appeal. Some songs on the album are less successful…they fit the theme of the album but feel less naturally Kylie. ‘Raining Glitter’ relies too much on a beat to manage. It could have been a beautiful song had it been striped down to an acoustic version. ‘The Musics Too Sad Without You’ is really too painful to listen to. The musical accompaniment drags and does little support Kylie’s vocals. ‘Lost Without You’ drags too much for the first half and is forgettable the second half. Overall, Kylie delivers a really solid album considering the risk she took incorporating country music. Commercially, I wish her record label had pushed country radio harder to allow it to be a crossover success. The album did well with Kylie’s fan base but it had much greater potential. I mean, if you’re going to have one of the biggest pop stars record a country influenced album, you should have the country community support behind you. If Taylor Swift can redefine pop music, Kylie could have done the same with country music. At least we got some gems off this album which will keep me dancing (and crying) on.

Written by @spoiledsplendid




Album Info



  • Apr 06, 2018


  • Pop


  • BMG
  • Mushroom


  • Kylie Minogue (exec.)
  • Ash Howes
  • Richard "Biff" Stannard
  • Sky Adams
  • Lindsay Rimes
  • Jesse Frasure
  • Jon Green
  • Alex Smith
  • Mark Taylor
  • Eg White
  • Samuel Dixon
  • Charlie Russel
  • Seton Daunt


Golden is the fourteenth studio album by Australian singer Kylie Minogue. It was released on 6 April 2018 by BMG Rights Management. A large portion of the record was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, where she found new inspiration with its music, and also recorded some material in London and Los Angeles, California. The album was co-produced by Minogue alongside a variety of producers including Ash Howes, Richard "Biff" Stannard, Sky Adams, Alex Smith, and Mark Taylor, among others. Each track was co-written by Minogue, making it her first album since Impossible Princess (1997) in which this was the case.
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