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Album by Kylie Minogue
2010, 13 tracks, 59 mins 46 sec


Jun 21, 2019


Kylie Minogue is an Australian born vocalist trying to keep her music career afloat the turbulent waters. When looking for an exceptionally awesome album, Kylie is clearly not an option to bank on. Her chivalrous break into the music platform came with her 2001 single "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" which steered the singer down the path of greatness. Kylie Minogue’s 2007 album X amassed success for the singer yet critics and music lovers have tagged her grown-up dance-pop music style insipid. Despite such criticism, the artist still remains one of the few pop queens causing damage on the dance floor. The songstress tipped about working on a new album in the middle of 2009 with songwriters and producers such as Jake Shears, vocalist of The Scissors Sisters and the legendary pop man of the moment and producer Stuart Price. The collaboration came as a pleasant surprise widely celebrated by her fans who anticipated a killer album, definitely a good hype for the album. Aphrodite is dance-pop driven courtesy of Stuart Price and his team. Price, who has made his blueprint in music production is responsible for killer modern disco records which includes Frankmusik’s 3 Words, Scissor Sisters’ “Night Work”, The Killer’s “Day & Age” and Madonna’s legendary Confessions on a Dance Floor. After achieving such great feat, one can only imagine what the sizzling touch of Price would do to Kylie’s album if not sleekness, freshness and perfection. Other producers and writers involved in the making of the album include Calvin Harris, Sebastian Ingrosso and Pascal Gabriel. One significant thing about Kylie is the strong bond between her voice and music instruments; it sounds magical to the ears and remains a mystery to this day. The Australian singer Kylie Minogue released her eleventh studio album Aphrodite under record label Parlophone on the 5th of July, 2010. Aphrodite is basically dance-pop and disco but draws inspiration from other genres like electro-pop, club, rave music and hi-NRG. The album recorded a good number of positive reviews and was generally graded a success. Aphrodite reached the pinnacle by topping as number two in the Australian Albums chart and number one on the UK Albums chart. The album was certified platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association and earned Minogue the Guinness World Record for achieving top five albums in the United Kingdom in decades consecutively. These achievements added to Kylie’s tally making her album one of the most successful albums of all time and the most successful album in her career.

May 31, 2019

Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite Album Finally Brings Her to Manila as Part of the Aptly Titled Aphrodite Les Folies Tour

After releasing four highly successful albums in the noughties, three of which reached the top spot in Australia (Light Years, Fever, and X – Body Language peaked at #2), Kylie Minogue, follows all that up with Aphrodite, an album similar in vein and in spirit to the other four – meaning – it’s great dance music once again from the Australian pop princess. The album is significant to Filipinos, because this was the album that finally allowed Kylie to hold a concert in Manila. Although Australia is just five hours away from the Philippines, Kylie has never set foot in the country, not until she brought the Aphrodite Les Folies tour here. I was able to attend the concert but it was not my first Kylie Minogue concert. I lived in Hong Kong for a while in the mid-00s, so I was able to catch her KylieX2008 Tour there, lucky me! Kylie’s concerts are virtual showstoppers as she does not hold back in terms of production values, choreography and the selection of her songs. Although majority of the songs in her Aphrodite Les Folies Tour setlist were from that album (but, of course!), her most well-applauded number that night was a ballad she did with Jason Donovan entitled “Especially for You.” That song was a huge hit in the Philippines in the late 80s. When she sang that song, the coliseum practically became a karaoke joint with thousands of her fans singing it back to her. The Aphrodite Les Folies Tour was an aesthetically pleasing show with Kylie wearing Grecian costumes and Spanish boleros. It was a well-choreographed, world-class concert from a master showgirl like herself.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity




Album Info



  • Jul 02, 2010


  • Electronic


  • Parlophone


  • Andy Chatterley
  • Cutfather
  • Daniel Davidsen
  • Jim Eliot
  • Børge Fjordheim
  • Pascal Gabriel
  • Calvin Harris
  • Sebastian Ingrosso
  • Magnus Lidehäll
  • Nerina Pallot
  • Stuart Price
  • Lucas Secon
  • Damon Sharpe
  • Fraser T Smith
  • Starsmith
  • Peter Wallevik
  • Xenomania


Aphrodite is the eleventh studio album by Australian singer Kylie Minogue, released on 5 July 2010 by Parlophone. Beginning in early 2009, the singer met with British singer-songwriter Nerina Pallot to begin recording sessions for a new album. Although successful at first, the sessions later became unproductive; Minogue then began working with British electronic music producer Stuart Price, who became the executive producer of the album. The two collaborated with various producers and writers on the album, including Jake Shears, Calvin Harris, Sebastian Ingrosso and Pascal Gabriel. Aphrodite follows a musical approach largely similar to Minogue's previous albums and is primarily a dance-pop and disco record. It draws influences from various dance-based genres including electropop, hi-NRG, club and rave music.
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