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New Era

2016, 20 tracks, 1 hour 8 mins 57 sec


Jun 14, 2019

A New King Is Born

If we were asked to talk about the best things that has happened to the Nigerian Music industry in the past five years, we can never over emphasize the arrival of Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, popularly known as Kiss Daniel. He arrived at a time when the sounds and tunes of music in the country were becoming all too familiar and boring, he arrived at the exact time the industry desperately required someone that could give a vibe that was different to spice up the music scenes, and his own vibe was even more than what anyone could have ever thought or asked for. The day I came across his song the first time is still very fresh in my memory. It was late in 2014 and I was visiting a friend at his apartment, he mentioned to me that he had a party to attend and that I should tag along. There was something about the way he asked that seemed like “fam, you’re definitely coming to this party with me”, I just smiled and nodded in affirmation. Thankfully, I was well dressed that day, I would have used that as an excuse but I was left with none. I waited till he got ready and then we drove off to the venue of the party. We arrived there a few minutes later and the party was way beyond what I had in mind, cars, drinks, music, and lots of girls. The venue was an open field and girls were literally in every corner I turned to. My friend had introduced me to his other friends that were there, including the guy whose birthday was being celebrated and then in midst of my looking around, I lost track of where he and his friends had gone into but I wasn't bothered, I just continued with my looking game, sipping from the wine the celebrant had offered me. I couldn't keep my focus on just one girl as they were all beautiful and well dressed but there was this one that finally took my fancy. What first attracted me to her was the see through gown she was putting on. One could effortlessly see the colours of her underwears. As if that was not attention seeking enough, she moved right to the center of the field and started twerking. She didn't do this for long before all eyes focused on her. Mind you she really was a very good dancer. I am sure most of the guys, if not all were dying to approach her for a dance but none of us went close to her, we only admired her from afar. We all enjoyed her dance moves up until a guy approached her on the dance floor, obviously just to dance. I squinted my eyes to get a clearer view of whom the guy was because he kind of looked familiar. Finally, I realised it was my friend that brought me to the party. As soon as he got close to her, she shoved him aside softly and it was clear that she didn't need a dance buddy, but my friend must have missed the signs as he tried to get close to her again, only to be shoved aside again, he wasn't ready to back down from this babe’s rejection. He wanted to dance with her and would get to do so as he was confident of his game. For the third time, he moved closer to her, this time, more closer and stronger that she couldn't shove him aside but some way, she found a way to get her hand out of his grip, raised it high and landed a very loud slap on his face. Like a perfectly rehearsed movie scene, the DJ stopped the music as soon as the impact of her hands landed on his face. She walked away immediately after she did this while my friend stood there with his legs fixed to the ground. He couldn't take a step further as he was too embarrassed to even raise his head. At this point, the DJ played "Woju", a song I wasn't too familiar with at that time and everyone jumped back on the dance floor almost immediately, dancing as they sang the song at the top of their voices word for word. In the middle of all of these, my friend had found a way to disappear off from the dance floor. It appeared I was the only one who hadn't heard the song. I tried to link the voice and style to all our reigning artistes then but none of them fit, as the sound and tune was way different from what we were used to. I wondered who the guy that sucked the attention out of what could have been the most awkward moment of the party was. That guy was Kiss Daniel.

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension


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"New Era"


  • May 14, 2016


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