Turn off the Light, Vol. 1 image

Turn off the Light, Vol. 1

Album by Kim Petras
2018, 8 tracks, 23 mins 7 sec


Jun 14, 2019

The True Beauty Of Nudity And Romance Is Envisioned In Dark Scary Atmospheres.

Halloween is a festival period where fetish, fictitious and scary characters are mimicked using costumes worn by a person, a group of people or even a family. Some Halloween characters and ideas are the true definition of danger, poltergeist, Mephistophelesim and the macabre. Kim Petras, being a lover of the Halloween festival decided to excite her fans with harmonious jingle that will rock their Halloween. Halloween pop is a new dimension of music genre that was left undiscovered but for the arrival of Kim Petras. Kim comes with the invention of adding value to the undervalued Halloween celebration by putting a ban on holiday and Christmas albums. After a long string of singles that seemed not to have an ending, Kim’s fans became weary and demanded an album from the superstar. “Turn off the Light”, Volume 1 is the third EP album by the adorable German music maestro Kim Petras. The EP album is meant to serve as a peace offering or an appetizer to her audience as they anticipate the main course that’s just a stretch away. The title of the album does not deviate from the main focus which is Halloween. Once one hears the phrase “Turn off the light”, what comes to mind is darkness, horror, fear, terror and lots of unimaginably scary happenstances. Kim released her most anticipated EP Halloween album, “Turn off the Light” under own personal record label BunHead on 1st October 2018.The album contents are club-like EDM interludes and spooky pop hooks to make a well sintered melody. Each track comes with a twist and some aura of darkness accompanying it. Kim redefines sexy and romance in the album where she leaves her partners engrossed in savagery romance romps while playing with their carnal desires, a well-planned tactic to draw them to another stratosphere clouded by darkness. Elements of historic songs like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” can be spotted out in the Halloween-driven album. The EP, “Turn off the Light” though sounding alike, is beyond every doubt a good Halloween party playlist selection.




Album Info

"Turn off the Light, Vol. 1"


  • Oct 01, 2018


  • Pop