Kill Paris Absolutely Shatters Expectations In His Future Bass Fusion Record Galaxies Within Us

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Opinions: We all have ‘em & sometimes they can be our downfall as we vehemently defend them for little more than saving our own pride. I, for one, pride myself on the opinions I’ve gathered over the years, as they’re the result of my constant desire to gain more knowledge & better myself in the process, yielding to new information whenever present & making sure to back up my claims with hard facts so I don’t look like a straight-up asshole when debating a topic with others; Even so, I’ve been known to voice some pretty bold opinions from time to time, believing my own education is superior in ways that warrant my hardheadedness when the time calls for it, as is customary for a Scorpio if you subscribe to that sort of mindset, but never have I eaten as much humble pie as I did when listening to Future Bass DJ Kill Paris’ latest record Galaxies Within Us, easily the single greatest course-correction I’ve experienced in modern Electronic music in nearly a decade – For those who’ve read any of my other Narratives, it’s no secret that I’d lost faith in the Electronic music industry from 2015 to 2017, disheartened so by the massive success of a genre I didn’t believe warranted attention – Future Bass – that I’d begun trashing an entire culture I once held so near & dear to my heart, feeling as though younger DJs had lost their creative inspiration in favour of adhering to market trends that would gain them an audience with today’s simple-minded listeners. In one fell swoop, Kill Paris managed to not only pique my interest with a wonderfully-balanced arrangement of Electronic tunes but he also proved I’d been ignorant in writing off Future Bass & Electro house as worthwhile genres as literally every track on the his new album grabs me as a listener, making me want to bop my head along in delight to his highly-engaging arrangements as well as encouraging me to spend my hard-earned cash on supporting his career through a rare record purchase rather than simply illegally downloading his MP3 files or streaming freely from a bevy of easily-accessible online music platforms, inspiring me to put a day aside to explore the fading genres once more to see if anyone else of note had slipped through my radar – What makes this discovery valid is the fact that I’ve been analyzing music since I was a toddler, born into a musically-inclined family with various professional musicians who understand market trends & musical theory to an extreme degree, so the fact my opinion could be swayed at all means he’s genuinely produced something I consider to be top-tier music deserving of praise across the board, a feat in itself I respect wholeheartedly.

Big Dreams With An Equally Big Voice

Perhaps the most compelling argument for the masterful skill at play in Galaxies Within Us is the album’s second track – though first real number considering the prior tune is an intro tone-piece – “Magic,” encompassing exactly what makes Electronic music so phenomenal as a medium for entertainment from beginning to end – As noted in the lyric ‘your dream of us is magic,’ the universally-shared human urge to discover meaning in life through romantic connections is alive & well in this record, beautifully expressing the hunt for unconditional love in the most resplendent fashion through grandiose digital soundscapes that feel larger than life, capturing the very spirit of humanity in every radiant melody you hear in its seemingly-endless 3 minute & 32 second runtime. Kill Paris employs massive, flabbergasting synths that blare defiantly in uplifting chord progressions, bold drum samples that maintain an air of delicacy amidst their stern strikes & tender vocal lines that appeal to the hopeless romantic in all of us who just wants to live a life of positivity, somehow achieving all of this with respect to the classic structures of Future Bass without falling into the inherent pitfalls overwhelmingly found in the fledgling subgenre, i.e. the molasses-slow time signatures & unnecessary dead-zones between verses that always seem to plague this style in years past; The movement of the track is spritely & melodically-encouraging, always progressing in an upward-focused direction inspiring hope as audiences yearn for a brighter day, improving upon the subgenre’s staples by looking back on niche genres of Electronic music’s past & adopting the most effective elements of this style, namely the inspiring narrative intimacy found in Emo Pop circa-2010 like Kyte’s magnificent “ihnfsa” & the Trip-Hop influenced Electronica numbers of the late-nineties a la Sneaker Pimps’ dreamy “Post Modern Sleaze” from 1996 – No matter which way you slice it, Kill Paris showcases an incredible ability to refine the emotional sensibilities of yesteryear into highly-satisfying sonic adventures you’ll find yourself wanting to live inside, easily forcing your hand towards that Replay button for another go-around as a means of escaping the monotony of mainstream music to discover what it’s like to truly understand your humanity for the first time in decades.

The Power Of The Cosmos At Your Fingertips

In my completely-justified & not-at-all-biased opinion, the greatest utilization of Electronic music techniques has always been its ability to express extrasensory emotions & space-faring desires in a tangible form for the average listener, rocketing you into the uncharted territories of space through little more than clever digital sequencing & ethereal splendor; Just look at groups like M83 to see first-hand how powerful a narrative you can construct around celestial bodies, with the band forming entirely around idea of providing a score for space exploration & the pursuit of expansionist ideals, every screaming, electronically-modulated guitar line evoking the immense strength of ion-thrusters ripping through stellar nurseries & the immeasurable scope of space itself felt in the echoey reverb applied to each instrument, a sonic trend similarly attributed to the spectacular drive of Trance & Drum’N’Bass music across pretty much every era – Naturally, this same intergalactic personality is what makes Kill Paris’ Galaxies Within Us so breathtaking to behold, allowing you to strap yourself to a rocket & venture where no human being has gone before. While tunes such as “Sunshine” & “Laura” do a fair job of capturing this aesthetic, what with their ethereal dreamscapes chock-full of overwhelming synth elements & haunting sense of loneliness that put you in a spiritualized mindset on-par with some kind of higher intelligence, it’s actually the others like “Easy On Me (feat. FATHERDUDE)” that pull it off the best, upping the ante by introducing the emotional splendor of R&B music into the mix for an added layer of personality; By borrowing the soothingly-sensual tones of FATHERDUDE, the listener is kept grounded in their humanity as they evolve ever-further in this melodic adventure through space, the compassionate vocals working wonderfully with the abrasive fission-synth which make up the bulk of the tune’s runtime & half-time Hip Hop-adjacent percussion rhythms, producing a song that assaults the ears with a mixture of interstellar warfare & unwavering hope that feels completely satisfying on more than one emotional level – Honestly, I’m astounded more modern producers haven’t adopted a similar writing style, as it’s so incredibly expressive yet simultaneously accessible to a wide margin of listeners, making it a guaranteed hit to anyone with even the slightest interest in Progressive House, Electro House, Future Bass & so many other subgenres.

Far More Than A One-Trick Pony

Above all else, my harshest criticism of Future Bass-related music in the past few years has virtually always been about the movement’s inability to innovate within their favoured genre, passionately sticking to the general outline laid out by artists like Marshmello or San Holo & refusing to experiment with other sounds out of fear it might not yield the critical acclaim they’re sheepishly shooting for. Younger SoundCloud DJs find solace in simply being a part of the crowd, rather than taking any risks that might alienate mainstream audiences, resulting in a creatively-stagnant Electronic music industry which ultimately sounds pretty homogenous from cover to cover – Both surprisingly & thankfully, Kill Paris sets my pleasure-centers ablaze in Galazies Within Us because he repeatedly improves upon the formula with every single track on the album, taking a Dubstep approach one minute in songs like “I (Still) Dream Of You” before jumping into more of a Chillstep vibe in “I Can Feel Your Love,” his most impressive fusions being the introduction of Funk grooves to modern audiences in tracks like the utterly-nineties Groove House number “Cool Ranch” which feels like something Felix Da Housecat would’ve made & most certainly the aptly named “Vision Funk,” a joint that attacks with the same hard-headed Club Hit mentality Justice employed in bangers like “DVNO” back in the late-noughties, showing that he intuitively understands the value in a solid bassline & crystalline arpeggiators to delight audiences beyond expectation; Even “We Are One” renders me giddy with a straight-up French Disco House number akin to that of mid-age Daft Punk, utilizing the tonal elements of modern Electro House instrumentation whilst holding on to the strict thematic energy sequences of its predecessors, keeping the groove alive for going strong for a new generation to enjoy – All in all, this record is in possession of some of the most fulfilling sonic variety in the current era, naturally adhering to today’s trends for marketability whilst honouring the phenomenal techniques of Electronic music past, making Galaxies Within Us an astonishingly-pristine experience audiences of virtually every demographic can find merit in. If you can only listen to just one Dance album this year, I’d give some heavy consideration to what Kill Paris has produced here, ‘cause increased mainstream exposure to this record could potentially encourage labels to think outside of the box with the DJs they sign going forward, ultimately improving the scene as a whole & making all our sonic existences that much more pleasant.

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