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Overly Dedicated

2010, 12 tracks, 50 mins 4 sec


May 31, 2019

Kendrick Lamar Becomes A Name Worth Checking For With Overly Dedicated

One of my favourite things to do with any successful famous person, but especially my favourite rappers, is to look back on their journey at old interviews, listen to old music and watch any old footage that I can. I’ve always believed that knowing an artist’s roots, even if they were literal decades ago, will help you appreciate them in the present moment. Thanks to the day and age we live in, all we have to do is search on YouTube to find videos of all of today’s biggest music artists in the world before they were any different to you or I and I’ve always found it to be a deep source of motivation to fully acknowledge that at one point Drake or Logic or Big Sean were just like any one of us. What makes Kendrick Lamar’s story so special is how detailed it’s been through his music and how you can go back and see things for yourself. He used to call himself K. Dot while in Compton but a name change came in 2009. He’d released four mixtapes under the moniker, but he kept getting the feedback that despite liking the music, people didn’t really know him as a person and saw him as some sort of a character. “They was like ‘yo, the kid is dope, he can rap, but who is he?’” he remembered about the period. In an attempt to amend that, he changed his Rap name to his real name and on December 31st 2009, dropped Kendrick Lamar EP to mark a huge transition in his career. Despite being called an EP, he took a stand and made it fourteen tracks long and available for a free download. Fuelled by the response in the new year, he went straight back to work on a new mixtape called Overly Dedicated.

Written by @Akaash from Hip-Hop-N-More




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"Overly Dedicated"


  • Sep 14, 2010


  • Rap