Witness (Deluxe)

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Released in 2017, 17 tracks, 67 min

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"Witness (Deluxe)"

Katy Perry's album "Witness" is filled with feel good music that warms the heart and that is very deliberate

When I listen to a piece of music, two things usually attract me to it - the melody and arrangement, and the beat. That is to say that I'm not too particular about lyrics even though they are very important as well. When I hear a good melody I usually get a soothing feeling and I'm able to use my mind as a mirror into what and how I want to feel, and if the melody is too good, I let it drive me and lead me to its desired destination. The beat gives me something to vibe along, something to dance to or probably just nod my head to. A good beat would literally have me imagining what dance styles to go with it and that results to a lot of happiness for me. A lot of people are like me. More than anything, music makes them happy. They appreciate music so much that just the beat or melody is enough to get them going. While other people insist that music can't be great if the lyrics is not great as well. If the lyrics is not on the same level with the beat and melody, they say it is trash or crappy music. While that is true to some extent, it is not entirely true. Some piece of music is just meant to make you feel good. Katy Perry's 2017 album "Witness" is that kind of music. Katy Perry serenaded her listeners with music that moves the mind and body. Set in 17 tracks namely, "Act My Age", "Bigger Than Me", "Bon Appetit", "Dance With The Devil", "Chained To The Rhythm", "Hey Hey Hey", "Into Me See You", "Mind Maze", "Miss You More", "Pendulum", "Power", "Roullette", "Save As Draft", "Tsunami", "Witness", "Deja Vu", and "Swish Swish", Katy Perry layered some sweet melodious tunes on fantastic beats arranged in really interesting ways, with a mix of some really interesting lyrics. That is to say that "Witness" is more than just beats and sweet melody, it contains good stories and experiences that everyone can relate to.

Written by @timuwakwe from NaviCorp
Jun 28, 2019

I Can’t Believe I Witnessed The Downfall Of My Favorite Artist

If you know me or have read literally anything I’ve ever written, then you would know that I absolutely love Katy Perry. I love Katy Perry. She was my favorite artist. I was known as the “Katy Perry guy” in high school. I legally own all of her albums and I forced my mother to buy me tickets to see her. Katy Perry was the main artist I was rooting for in the battle for mainstream success. After 3 iconic albums, Katy Perry did what any smart musician would do and she gave herself a much needed break. After countless broken records and chart-topping singles, it was best not to rush into another album too quickly for fear of a decrease in quality. During that break, Katy Perry continued her reign by performing during the Super Bowl Halftime show to the largest audience ever. She was obviously at the top, and she had the support. It seemed that even the slightest misstep wouldn’t be enough to take her down. Well, the break was going on for a little longer than anticipated… The first thing we heard from Katy Perry after her disappearance was the Olympic anthem “Rise” which didn’t capture the same uplifting power of her previous hits like “Firework” or “Part Of Me.” It was slower and it didn’t pack as much of a punch, I mean, it was for the Olympics. Something more fast-paced would’ve been more appropriate. Another misstep was not servicing the single to all streaming platforms. During its first week, “Rise” was only available for streaming on Apple Music. As a Spotify fan myself, I felt that this cut off a large percentage of her audience because “Rise” debuted at no. 11, before falling and never reaching a new peak. At least during the first week, I felt that the extra steaming would’ve done wonders, giving Katy Perry another top 10. “Rise” wasn’t the type of song for one’s musical return anyway. It wasn’t big enough. It didn’t have the same energy that her previous chart-topping lead singles had like “California Gurls” and “Roar.” And it pains me to say the same thing when it came to introducing us to her next full-length record Witness.

Jun 28, 2019

People Slept on Katy Perry’s Development & The Amazing Offerings that Witness Consisted of by the Overshadowed but now Ceased Drama.

Witness is an album from Katy Perry that I love to listen to when I’m feeling under pressure or when I have a big project to work on, the album is very empowering to say the least. I was very compelled with the struggle in the story that this album told underneath the surface. Witness was a summer fitted album that I enjoyed all throughout the summer of 2017 for as a booster album and just an album to mark the times for me. I remember at the job I was working at; my 30-minute breaks being filled songs like “Tsunami” or “Bigger Than Me” and whether my shirt was damp from sweat or rain water it was in pure delight of the vibes of this album. “Make me ripple till I’m wavy, don’t be scared to dive in deep, and start a…..Tsunami” and “Don’t fight just ride the rhythm of the tide we swirl we spin salted sun kissed skin,” are just a few of the lines that truly defied the absolute intense heat of that summer, in my mind. Even now as I write those lyrics I’m hit with the heatwaves that would literally wipe across my face as I made my way to the subway to or from my job or as I would be cleaning my hardwood floors with the fan blowing absolute heat waves in efforts to keep a circulation going in that summer in the Bronx where I lived at that time. The fact that I can listen to Witness straight through without feeling a disconnect in the context or in the music production as far as the beats go, explains why I’ll never understand the negative critic the album underwent during the time of its release. I’ve always thought that the album was one of the first albums by Katy Perry that I could listen from front to start as I wasn't able to sink into her albums like PRISM or Teenage Dream released in the past in that same way. What was the real tea behind the fact that there wasn’t much diversity in the outtake of her album by mainstream reporters? It was almost as if she was just being sabotaged with a major lack of due diligence, it’s possible that it was all because of that beef she had with Taylor Swift at the time.

Written by @cbenson from Cyclolore
Jun 14, 2019

The Witness Of The Continuity Of Katy Perry

Witness, the latest Katy Perry's album confirms the route that will continue for a long time. In many cases, when a formula works, both artists and companies do not bother to change. I think that in this case, it is not a mistake because I cannot find a place where Katy Perry could go with her abilities and the trajectory we know of her. It is also true that when you try radically change, the attempts can become a resounding failure and we do not want that for a singer who has won the hearts of millions around the world with her naturalness and sympathy. I believe that both her charisma and the correct handling of the image by her team is what has allowed not only to remain in the taste of many but also to forgive the fact that she remains in her style without risking little more. We all need a bit of lightness during the week. A job well done like the one that presents us on this album, with the correct dose of music with which you can move and smile, is enough to thank. Millions in the world were expecting something like that from her and have been rewarded one hundred percent. She is a good example of the artist who is faithful to the audience that has made her a beloved star and, I do not think she has any reason to change, while her fans reward her with their love, buying records and tickets for her concerts. Personally, I have always preferred more elaborate music, with a content that compromises more, when it comes to reflecting on what the artist proposes in her lyrics, however, I am surprised when more superficial things seduce me, and this is the case of everything that Katy Perry has delivered since the beginning of her career. It's what we commonly call a guilty pleasure. And I'm not ashamed to say that every time I know that this singer has released something new I'm happy, I cannot wait to listen to her and, I must say, watch the videos she created for her new songs. Like many others, the key to the artist's success is the complete package: music and video. Some controversy so that no one forgets about her is another element that we can add to the formula and, it's fine, it's part of the times we live. The album takes us to the places that Katy Perry has always taken us and we love them. The sense of humor is present in almost all songs, there are more emotional moments than others and that funny childhood style that she does not abandon, makes us all complicit in happiness that even makes us feel stupid at times, but it does not matter. As always, I give a very special place to everything that this singer does, because I can get a bit of that feigned seriousness to which life forces you. Let's listen, then, Witness, by Katy Perry.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio
May 24, 2019

Perry Fails To Deliver On Latest Effort

Katy Perry once helped define the pop genre with her brassy and sassy infectious songs. Her most recent album fades into the background with her line-up of mediocre songs. This is tragic because I recall listening to One of the Boys and Teenage Dream over and over. Since Teenage Dream - Perry has had a few moments of greatness, but mostly it’s been lackluster. For her latest release, Perry had to select 15 tracks out of the 40 she wrote for her album Witness. Personally, I can’t imagine the other 25 being more disappointing than the ones she selected. Most of the songs are completely over-produced. This often leads to Katy being outshined by her collaborators such as Nicki Minaj. Witness doesn’t seem to have a uniform vibe like Katy’s earlier albums. And while a theme isn’t necessary to produce good music, it was Perry’s earlier signature. It gave her direction and focus and produced hit after hit. Her more recent music seems to be all over the map - skipping from genre to genre. Witness doesn’t make me want to dance. It doesn’t make me want to call up my friends and go out for a wild night. It isn’t music to chill to and it isn’t music that I would want to drive to work to. Perhaps it’s all too intellectual for me - but then again, with titles like “Bon Appetit" and “Swish Swish,” thats likely not the case. With 4 years since the release of Prism I have to wonder why it took so long to deliver this disc. Maybe the extra time was a curse and is why the album is a mixed bag of non-uniform styles and sounds. More likely, as Katy has grown as an artist, she has grown out of touch with her fan base. The fan base that adored her for her bubblegum pop, kooky outfits and campy gimmicks. (Remember how Katy had her Teenage Dream album scented with cotton candy?) I still want to have hope that Katy will one day deliver me a new album that I can totally get behind. Until then, I’ll have to wait for my opportunity to meet Katy, sit her down and make her listen to her vintage musical gold for inspiration. (And yes Katy - if you’re reading this, this is an invitation to a listening party at my house).

Written by @spoiledsplendid
May 10, 2019

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"Witness (Deluxe)"

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"Witness (Deluxe)"


  • Jun 09, 2017


  • Pop

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