Chapter 1 - EP

AlbumbyKane Brown

Released in 2016, 5 tracks, 14 min

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"Chapter 1 - EP"

Discover All The Hoopla Of Country Pop Sensation Kane Brown By Visiting His Musical Roots On ‘Chapter 1 – EP’

Full disclosure – being mixed myself (Black and White), I have rooted on a purely ‘relatable’ level for the similarly bi-racial Country artist Kane Brown. Why on Earth would any of my interest be based off of race? Because Kane Brown’s ascension is tied to a genre of music that is not without its bigoted moments. Yes, we have the classic success of Charley Pride on the one hand, and the more modern success of Darius Rucker holding Country down while being black, and I actually wouldn’t want to know if any of these two artists hit road blocks because of their ethnicity along the way. All of our mottos should be ‘If it sounds good, enjoy it.’ But being an American, and knowing what Americans are capable of, man, you never know how someone really feels based off of skin color and vernacular. So hell yeah, whether I’m wrong or right, I naturally wanted Kane Brown to succeed, for what could be coined as the progressive movement. I’m all for people of different backgrounds exploring more musical genres than those which are associated with their groups, feel me? When some white dudes truly shine at Funk, or even inadvertently fool the world into thinking that they are a different ethnicity through their sheer respect for the source material (look on the internet for black folks who assumed caucasian Bobby Caldwell was a black singer), by the same theory, black folks with a love for Country can tackle it in with the same respect to its source material. Here, even on this debut album Chapter 1 – EP, Kane Brown resists incorporating your standard R&B Soul vocalization or vernacular, instead choosing to sing low, deep, and twangy just like your favorite old fashioned Country singers. You would never know this young man’s specific background without the accompanying images. He is committed to Country tradition, at least vocally, yet, I am pretty sure that anyone who doesn’t dig him is not responding to anything trivial such as his race, and more so for the very Pop-ified nature of his core songwriting. I actually can stomach these 6 songs when I compare them to most of the trite music I hear within the successful sub genre known as Country Pop, yet, I would be lying if I did not admit that there is something a little shallow about the formulas here on display. Still, for a first effort, this is a noble effort, finding its audience, and paving the way for an already successful career. Old fashioned voice aside, this is the music of now.

Written by @taylor
Mar 15, 2019

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"Chapter 1 - EP"

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"Chapter 1 - EP"

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"Chapter 1 - EP"

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"Chapter 1 - EP"

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"Chapter 1 - EP"

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"Chapter 1 - EP"


  • Mar 18, 2016


  • Country

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