Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

AlbumbyKaty Perry

Released in 2012, 19 tracks, 91 min

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"Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection"

On Teenage Dream, Katy Perry Harnesses The Power Of Nostalgia to Create A Timeless Classic

For an album that spawned five number one singles, it’s hard to believe that Katy Perry’s magnum opus Teenage Dream received a mixed critical reception. On reflection, the male-dominated music industry was never going to take too kindly to a grown woman skipping through a brightly coloured candy land and shooting whipped cream from her bra, but if they’d actually taken time to listen to the lyrics, they might have seen a more vulnerable side to Perry hidden away behind the layers of artifice that came to define her second album. While “California Gurls” and “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” topped the charts, critics seemed quick to dismiss them as frivolous party tracks and criticised her move away from the pop-rock inflections found on her debut album One of The Boys, but in hindsight, the electro-pop gem “Hot N Cold” should have served as a sign of things to come. Looking back, the internalised misogyny from the largely male pool of reviewers is glaringly obvious as they criticised her lyrics that concerned partying and casual hook-ups, themes that have been rehashed countless times by male musicians without anybody batting an eyelid. But by judging this album (literally) on face value, blinkered by their narrow definitions of what “real” music is, they failed to realise that these songs were created for not just teenagers but the dreamers and hopeless romantics of the world who seek solace in the safety of a carefully constructed chorus. It was this complete and total disdain for pop music that meant I kept my love of albums such as Teenage Dream hidden, only embracing it some seven years after its release, but luckily those days are long gone.

Written by @lobrien95 from Musing + Lyrics
Jun 14, 2019

The Golden Age Of Pop: Katy Perry Cemented A Place At The Top For Women In Pop With The Untouchable Masterpiece Teenage Dream

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. Teenage Dream? Katy Perry? Isn’t this old news? Admittedly, the album is nearing the 10 year mark. However, Teenage Dream can never actually get old. Regardless of your current opinions on Katy Perry, there really is no way to deny her abilities and influence. Going back to 2008, her debut single “I Kissed A Girl” from her first major label record One Of The Boys, gained exposure due to its shocking nature. “What? A girl declaring that she has kissed another girl? Blasphemous.” It was also a perfect pop hit, and that’s what she continued to release over the next two years with mega hit “Hot N Cold,” the Top 40 ballad “Thinking Of You,” and Top 10 hit (and a personal favorite) “Waking Up In Vegas.” Though, everyone was left to wonder if she could continue to keep the momentum or even exceed the expectations of the pop industry. Well, in 2010, she blew everyone away and cemented herself as one of the greatest pop acts of all time. Teenage Dream became that rare untouchable pop album of the 21st century. Breaking multiple records, and topping charts everywhere, Teenage Dream was a historic forward movement for pop, continuing what I call “The Golden Age of Pop.” What is the Golden Age of Pop, you ask? Well, to me it’s the greatest era in pop music — where every pop artist brought their best to the table and basically took over the charts. I’d say that moment lasted between like 2007 – 2013 and included other artists like Kesha, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and many more. Katy Perry was instrumental in keeping pop on top and today I’ll be focusing on her specific impact to the pop industry, including what this album meant personally to me. Without further ado, let’s dive further into Teenage Dream.

May 08, 2019

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"Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection"

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"Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection"

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"Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection"

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"Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection"

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"Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection"

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"Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection"

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"Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection"


  • Mar 23, 2012


  • Pop

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