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Glory Sound Prep

Album by Jon Bellion
2018, 10 tracks, 43 mins 25 sec


May 10, 2019

Jon Bellion’s Time Fell Below Expectation

Jonathan David Bellion, known as Jon Bellion, is an artist that slowly sneaked his way into my heart like a thief and ended up being my Hero. Robin my Hood with great songs like “All Time Low”, “Maybe IDK” and “Guillotine” before he finally swept us off our feet with the release of his debut studio album The Human Condition that was released in June 2016. His songs have been on my lips ever since then. The album really paved way for him in the Industry with “All Time Low” reaching number 16 on the US billboard hot 100 and was certified double platinum in the US and Australia. It took him another 2 years before he finally announced on twitter the emergence of another album titled Glory Sound Prep, much to the massive excitement of his fans. The countdown began and almost a month after the announcement, the album was released. When I first listened, I was lost in between deciding whether it was a good or bad album. Considering the bar The Human Condition had set, being one of the best Pop Album out there. I was expecting something more electrifying, and mind blowing. All of these made my first review an unfair to the album itself. If I hadn't listened to The Human Condition first, I wouldn't have rated Glory Sound Prep so low. Then I decided to revisit the album and review it with a clear mind this time around only to realise it wasn't even half as bad as I thought it was. No album can be entirely good in every sense of the word and none can be totally bad either, with the exception of mumble raps. Just like every album, Glory Sound Prep contains some beautifully written tracks with scintillating beats. Also, there are some very lazily written tracks on the album, some of which I never thought to expect from Jon whose previous album and mixtapes were close to perfection. Compared to his previous works including his debut album and the mixtapes he did before that, it's fair to say Glory Sound Prep falls a little below the standard Jon had set for himself. There are some tracks off the album that are just a complete examples of lazy writing laced with shreds of inconsistency and complacency. Typical examples of the bad tracks are “Adult Swim”, “Let's Begin” and a few other tracks, especially the part he tried to rap. The Jon we fell in love with is the one that sings and does so beautifully. I see no reason why he must have felt at some point that we needed him to be more of a rapper, although I appreciate his rap, but he shouldn’t flaunt it more. I am not totally against the moving out of the box philosophy but this move right here by Jon was an epic fail. I would prefer he sticks to music production and Singing, as Rap is not for him. Another thing that strikes me as not so good in the album are the lazy lyrics he employed in some of the tracks like “JT” and the beat production of that very track was a little too much here and there. Yes, we all know Jon is a beat junkie and likes switching it up but it was just a tad bit too much on this track and I personally felt he could have done a little better. Again, another downside in the album is the track “The Internet.” Although the lyrics Life became dangerous the day we became famous really hits home, it made me listen deeper to the track the first time, and I ended up being disappointed because the later part of the track was just packed with one repetition after another. This didn't feel good to the ears at all, sadly. Some tracks on the album are nothing short of magic. Tracks that helped a friend through depression and it also helped me heal me on the inside. It was nothing short of pure magic or perhaps, a therapy. 

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension




Album Info

"Glory Sound Prep"


  • Nov 09, 2018


  • Alternative Rap
  • Alternative/Indie Rock
  • Dance-Pop
  • Rap
  • R&B


  • Visionary
  • Capitol


  • Jon Bellion
  • Stephan Moccio
  • Mark Williams
  • Raul Cubina
  • Crystal Producers (Kidda)


Glory Sound Prep is the second studio album by American hip hop recording artist Jon Bellion. The album was released on November 9, 2018, through Visionary Music Group and Capitol Records. It was supported by three official singles: "Conversations with My Wife", "JT", and "Stupid Deep". The album was announced via Bellion's Twitter on October 10, 2018.
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