DiCaprio 2


Released in 2018, 14 tracks, 50 min

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"DiCaprio 2"

Weak-Ass Rappers Beware: JID Has The Power To Eviscerate Your Careers On DiCaprio 2

As much as I may hate to admit it, I’m 100% one of those old codgers you’d find making bold claims like “music way so much better back in my day,” staunchly holding on to the belief that most – though not particularly all – new music is hot garbage designed to appeal to the widest audience possible without maintaining a level of artistic integrity worth celebrating. I grew up in the golden age of Hip Hop, getting to experience obvious heavy-hitters like 2Pac & The Notorious B.I.G. back when they were alive but more-importantly acts like Hieroglyphics, The Pharcyde, Dilated Peoples, A Tribe Called Quest & so many other legendary lyricists who’ve yet to be usurped by anyone of the modern age – While I was certainly entertained by the more Club-centric sounds of mainstream acts like T.I., Ludacris & Jay Z, I never really felt like any of this was true Hip Hop, as it didn’t carry the same level of intellectual intimidation or the narrative heft of rappers from years prior who made you scared to walk the streets at night. For the longest time, I couldn’t bring myself to value anything coming out of the American Hip Hop scene as it was either pure garbage or just boring mumble-rap bullshit, with the best underground stuff hailing from Canada – not you, though, Drake – & the UK, but like a bat out of hell JID has suddenly graced us with some of the best lyricism I’ve heard in ages, completely embodying what was so exhilarating about the old borough-defined Rap mixes from back in the day by giving the same sort of poignant storylines & heavy street personas you’d wanna make a rad skate video to – Sure, that’s a bit specific, but those who know just get it.

Mar 04, 2019

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"DiCaprio 2"

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"DiCaprio 2"

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"DiCaprio 2"

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"DiCaprio 2"

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"DiCaprio 2"

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"DiCaprio 2"

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"DiCaprio 2"



  • Nov 26, 2018

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