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Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Album by Jake Owen
2011, 11 tracks, 39 mins 44 sec


Jun 20, 2019

The Great Jake Owen Road Trip

Several years ago, a friend and I discovered Jake Owen. We were a little older than the young girls who were swooning over the long-haired, sexy, country singer. But we were not immune to his voice, looks, and music. There’s a good chance many people would have called us crazy old ladies having a middle-aged crisis, s’okay that doesn’t hurt our feelings, we had fun! We scoured the internet for sexy photos, watched a ton of YouTube interviews, and of course, all of his videos and live videos fans filmed at his shows. When we found out he was going to be at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC we started planning a road trip. We ordered our tickets, made hotel reservations and made sure our little ones would be watched while we were gone for less than forty-eight hours. When the day finally arrived, we loaded up the car and began the six-hour drive. All we could talk about was how cool it would be if Jake would do the Mike Posner song “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” at his show. We loved the version he did in his shows that we had found on YouTube and definitely wanted to see it live. Ladies, if you watch the video I’m sharing go ahead a get a nice big cold drink, you’ll need it. Jake is one sexy man! We were totally obnoxious when we arrived at the venue and saw the big rigs with his face plastered on the sides. We squealed with excitement and took photos with the vehicles in the background. Adrenaline was pumping as we joined the crown in the packed, sweaty, and overwhelmingly loud night club. I was shocked to see that there were more people our age than I had expected. There were definitely some young girls there but apparently, women of all ages love some Jake Owen. We were on our feet throughout the whole show, and it was totally worth the limping the next day!




Album Info

"Barefoot Blue Jean Night"



  • Aug 26, 2011


  • Country


  • RCA Nashville


  • Joey MoiRodney ClawsonTony Brown