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A Good Friend Is Nice

Album by Jack & Jack
2019, 12 tracks, 39 mins 0 sec


Mar 04, 2019

Jack & Jack Transition From Web Sensations To Radio Contenders On A Good Friend Is Nice

So, here’s something weird: Apparently the Teen Choice Awards are still a thing that happens. Normally, I wouldn’t give a damn about something like this, but I was absolutely dumbfounded as to why Vine stars Jack & Jack scored a performance on the show, thinking only big-name acts & celebrity artists had a chance of making their way onto the primetime awards show – Well, turns out I’m starting to get old, ‘cause not only are kids like this running the world these days, their social-network App contributions are cause for widespread acclaim across the industry, with the two identically-named performers gaining such mass appeal from their ‘comedy’ channels online that they’ve actually started to be taken seriously as musicians as well, not only landing the Teen Choice gig but featuring on many of the hottest artist’s tracks in recent years as cameos, the most notable one being Jonas Blue’s 2018 jam “Rise” among others with Shawn Mendes & even Steve Aoki! So, alright, now I’m genuinely intrigued in what these guys are producing & just my luck, they’ve released a brand new album in 2019 called A Good Friend Is Nice, giving me the perfect opportunity to see what all the hullabaloo is about & if it’s even worthy of the unbelievable praise all these music outlets have been showering upon it. I had originally planned on passing it up entirely seeing as I have no interests whatsoever in radio-friendly Pop music – especially arrangements coming from the Zennial audience – but something about the quirky album art & striking first track got me hooked instantly, sending me on a journey I hate to admit I thoroughly enjoyed…err, for the most part.

Mar 04, 2019

From Vine Stars To Pop Stars, Jack & Jack Focus On Formula With ‘A Good Friend Is Nice”

To me, Jack & Jack are pretty much another boy band doing what they do best, delivering current conventional Pop by weaving in all the most popular sounds, from R&B Trap to Synth Pop to Hip Hop to EDM, and they apparently are the new guys on the block, having blossomed over several years from Vine clips to a music career and high profile performances, even opening for artists like Shawn Mendes. Their career trajectory has been exponentially positive over the last several years, and now with album “A Good Friend Is Nice”, their first studio length album, I can audibly hear that this duo intends to win at all costs, even if that means rehashing whatever is trendy at the moment. I prefer my Pop music to have a little more originality, yet I understand how original concepts are sort of diametrically opposed to the purpose of Pop, which is supposed to take the path of least resistance to connect with an audience. While there are some sexy grown up sounds exhibited on the album, overall, the tracks are mostly geared towards a real young audience, utilizing a very cartoonish, bubbly, overly catchy design to hook its listeners, the same way Backstreet Boys employed water-downed soul and a minimum of subtlety to ‘sell’ their points. I am not one of those teenybopper listeners, I’m a grown man, and therefore, I’d rather ‘feel’ the music than have it be ‘sold’ to me. It becomes a question of authenticity, even in the genre of Pop, and regrettably, A Good Friend Is Nice doesn’t seem to have much of it.

Written by @taylor




Album Info

"A Good Friend Is Nice"


  • Jan 25, 2019


  • R&B


  • Island (Universal)


  • Big Taste
  • Jacob Manson
  • Jussifer
  • Ryan OG
  • Gladius
  • Cook Classics
  • Morgan Taylor Reid
  • Jerrod Bettis
  • Jonas Blue


A Good Friend Is Nice is the debut studio album by American pop-rap duo Jack & Jack. It was released on January 25, 2019 via Island Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music. The album was supported by an accompanying tour named Good Friends Are Nice.
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