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The Never Story

Album by JID
2017, 12 tracks, 41 mins 31 sec


Apr 26, 2019

J.I.D. Kicks In The Door As Atlanta’s Hottest Prospect

If you’ve been a J. Cole fan for long enough, or even if you’ve done your due diligence as a fan who discovered his work a little later on the run, you’ll know that he and his crew been repping Dreamville for well over a decade now. Its name stems from a combination of New York, the City Of Dreams that he packed his bags and moved to aged 18, and his home of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Despite being established in 2007, it truly gained traction as a record label with its Interscope deal and the release of Revenge Of The Dreamers in January of 2014. It was a mixtape showcasing the talent on the roster at the time. Along with Cole himself, only Bas and Omen appeared and though they were and continue to be strong assets for the team, it’s fair to say that it was lacking strength in numbers, especially when compared to the monster groups that potential competitors TDE and OVO Sound boasted. Since then, a few names like Ari Lennox, Cozz and Lute have been added to the list, but time and time again, one stands out a touch more among the rest. It’s J.I.D, the ATLien who has made serious waves with his music in a considerably short amount time. His debut album The Never Story dropped in early 2017 and was a debut offering as energetic and downright solid as any in recent memory, setting the bar high for those that came after him and hugely aiding Dreamville Records in its quest to be a big player in the game of Hip-Hop stables. He came out of the gate swinging and is yet to deserve the right amount of praise for it.

Written by @Akaash from Hip-Hop-N-More




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"The Never Story"



  • Mar 10, 2017


  • Hip-Hop
  • Rap