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Imagine Dragons, those are their Origins?

Imagine that you arrive at a restaurant that looks good, you take a seat in a good place and you wait for them to show you the menu. You open it with great expectations, you read it carefully, you want to know everything that each dish contains, there are some that sound appetizing for the ingredients that they include and, finally, you decide for the entrance, the main dish, and the dessert. If everything is as described in the menu you will be the happiest person that day; but what would happen if, after the wait and with all those expectations, in addition to the hunger you have, the dishes are not what you expected? Of course, you will want to complain, get out of there and not pay a penny for that disappointing meal. Well, that's what happened to me when I decided to listen to "Origins" by Imagine Dragons. To begin with, the art of the album cover did not invite me to listen to it; however, the band had done good things on their past albums and I thought: "I can not judge a book just by looking at its cover" and, therefore, I proceeded to put on the headphones and give them all the attention they deserve. It all started with "Natural" and, my expectations increased, since the song is good, it is part of what the band has done well throughout its existence and I prepared to enjoy a good rock album. The video captivated me and, I quickly forget the bad impression that caused me the cover of the album. But unfortunately, the song ended and opened the way to disaster. It came "Boomerang" and it was as if it had fallen into the abyss of the lightest and most inconsequential Pop that has been written until today. Where is testosterone? I expected to go up and up as the songs of the album were advancing but just in the second song, my disappointment was total. I was patient and I listened to it completely, "it's just a blip, I thought", but I was wrong, the tragedy that came after filled me with sadness.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio
May 10, 2019

Of All Pop Rock Bands, Imagine Dragons Have Set The Trend, Evidenced In The Satisfying Sound Of Album ‘Origins’

Imagine Dragons continue to be at the top of their game when it comes to writing and performing arena packers, just like a modern day Queen, and on Origins, the band may have even struck the same eclectic balance with respect to disparate genres that can be contained on one rock album, similar to Queen’s hit album The Game. Love them or hate em’, it has to be said that this successful Pop Rock band knows what they’re doing and what the widest group of fans will respond positively to. So, from a critical standpoint, it is always a challenge to assess an album whose clear design keeps their target audience in mind, over the artistic demands required through evolution. For instance, “Natural” is both annoying and awesome at the same time. This is Imagine Dragon’s “We Will Rock You”, and it is no surprise that it is a hit at halftimes across multiple sporting events since its release. The same-style slamming drums will motivate you to get back out on the court fired up, yet the hook, explosive as it may be, is sort of silly to behold. It strikes me as a swashbuckling way of delivering a chorus, with a fisted swinging up of the arms, in a ‘yo-ho-pirates-life-for-me’ affirmation. Dan Reynolds, a consummate singer, hits all off his rocky notes, but comes off extremely bratty and nasally – the type of aggressive expression that would probably make whomever it was addressed to roll their eyes, counting their blessing that they are no longer involved with such a man baby. The track pivots back and forth, typically, between low acoustic passages and these extreme, stadium-ready highs. This is designed to be ‘that’ hit, but its not nearly as cool sounding as previous titles such as the more recent “Thunder” – and rather, more like the structure of the annoying “Believer”. Which is to say, these cats keep making the same style ‘big’ songs.

Written by @taylor
Mar 15, 2019

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Album Info



  • Nov 09, 2018


  • Alternative


  • Kidinakorner
  • Polydor
  • Interscope


  • Mattman & Robin
  • Alex Da Kid
  • John Hill
  • Joel Little
  • Jorgen Odegard
  • Tim Randolph
  • Ido Zmishlany
  • Kygo
  • Imagine Dragons


Origins is the fourth studio album by the American pop rock band Imagine Dragons, released on November 9, 2018 by Kidinakorner, Polydor Records and Interscope Records.
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