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Wasteland, Baby!

Album by Hozier
2019, 14 tracks, 58 mins 48 sec


May 24, 2019

A Waste of A Musical Canvas

Hozier is an Irish singer with songs in various genres such as Indie rock, soul, blues among others. He burst into the Music Industry in 2013 and hit the ground running taking us along in his journey in his own world. He first took us to church with his very first EP titled Take Me To Church with the headliner being the title track “Take Me To Church”, a song that is pretty much very easy for almost anyone to fall in love with. He followed this up with a music video that further fanned the flames of the song, as it spread across ideals as it was made to speak against the anti gay violence that was then happening in Russia. He released another EP titled From Eden that was also received positively; commercially and critical acclaim, and then after he finally released his debut album that was self-titled Hozier and it featured some tracks from his previous EPs Take Me To Church and From Eden. It was released 19 September 2014 and it was regarded as a highly successful album by both his fans and music critics alike. The most successful song off the album Take Me To Church earned him a Grammy award nomination in the Song of the Year category at the 57th edition with other incredible songs such as Sia’s Chandelier, Meghan Trainor’s All About The Bass, Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, and Sam Smith’s Stay With Me the eventual winner. It was certified platinum in US, Canada, his country home Ireland and other host of countries. He didn't release any Single for a while following the immense success his album enjoyed right until 2018 when he came back with another amazing EP titled Nina Cried Power and he followed this up in quick succession with the announcement of his second studio album which he titled Wasteland, Baby! much to the excitement and anticipation of his fans. As he did with his previous album, he included some tracks from his previous EP, Nina Cried Power in the album. It was released 1st March, 2019 and I didn't waste a flying second before listening to the album. I fell in love with the album the very first time I listened to it as some tracks on it really blew me away but then again, there were some I couldn’t seem to relate with at all. The 14-track album has a total length of over 57 minutes due to some tracks he had unnecessarily over stretched and also had tracks that uncomfortably sounded too much alike. At a point when I was giving the album a 5th or 6th listen, i set my player on crossfade and I didn't pretty much realize when some of the tracks faded in to another because of the similarities in the way they sounded. He had one feature on the entire album, Mavis Staples, the song was dedicated to artistes who had at one point or the other used their voice and work to fight for a course. I like this track because of the passion he put into it. Anytime I listen to it, it stirs me up from the inside and sends adrenaline rushing through me especially when I have my headphones on, singing along. The tilted track in itself is a let down, I definitely expected it to rain fire and brimstone, but I got none of that at all. The first time I listened to this track, I was waiting for that magical moment where he would switch it from that bland sound to something smoother and soothing only to be left disappointed as the bland sound chimed on until the very last second. Thankfully, it wasn't the first song I listened to else I just might not have made it to the end of the album in an objective frame of mind, even though music is a more of a subjective nature. The instruments in some of his songs also helped me through the entire album as they made it enjoyable with the energy and passion that it kinds of passes on to the listener. The album in entirety is not so bad and not so good, it just sits in between as an average one and hopefully his next project would be a better outcome of this.

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension




Album Info

"Wasteland, Baby!"



  • Mar 01, 2019


  • Alternative/Indie Rock


  • Rubyworks
  • Island


  • Hozier
  • Markus Dravs
  • Rob Kirwan
  • Ariel Rechtshaid


Wasteland, Baby! is the second studio album by Irish musician Hozier, released on 1 March 2019 by Rubyworks Records. It is Hozier's first album since 2014. The album includes the songs "Nina Cried Power" and "Shrike" from the 2018 EP Nina Cried Power, as well as the single "Movement". It will be promoted by a North American tour, to begin in March 2019, and a European tour in August, September and October of 2019.
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