Released in 2017, 21 tracks, 72 min

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H.E.R.’s Self-Titled Compilation Album Is A Stellar Entry Too Many Have Overlooked

Generally-speaking, I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent individual; I make scientifically-weighted decisions before engaging in most activities, I make sure to back up my arguments with facts so everyone might come out of the conversation a little wiser than they went in & I intend to vaccinate my children if I ever have any ‘cause you’d have to be a fucking monster not to; Even so, every once in a while I make a mistake so idiotic that I try my best to play it off like I meant to do it from the beginning, riding along with the lie for months on end until I don’t even know how I got so far without acknowledging just what a fool I was to make the mistake in the first place – This is clearly something that can happen in all sorts of situations, but today my admission of stupidity is the fact that I spent pretty much all of 2017 & 2018 without listening to the sheer brilliance that is H.E.R. & her self-titled compilation H.E.R. which brings together all three of her sporadic EP releases into one spectacular R&B experience, forming what is easily one of the better representations of modern R&B talent I’ve heard in years. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow every time I saw that glowing silhouette from the EP cover online, I’d either assume I’d already listen to it or I’d put it off for later, telling myself ‘that looks dope as hell, but I’m not quite in the right mood for it’ time & time again; Soon, this procrastination became somehow intertwined with this idea that the record was some phenomenal work of Neo Soul brilliance, leading me to start lumping H.E.R. in with other new-age artists I’d recommend to my friends when they wanted to hear the changing face of R&B music, despite the fact I’d never actually heard a single one of her songs! The lie kept building & building, getting more obscene & ridiculous with time as I continued to procrastinate, but I finally broke the cycle this week & sat down to experience just what it is that makes Gabriella “Gabi” Wilson such a potentially special artist – To my extreme delight, my years of lying paid off, ‘cause not only is this compilation album as compelling as I’d always imagined it to be, it was also nominated for & even won several awards at the 2019 Grammy’s among other shows, an achievement I’d like to shamelessly attribute to the intense word-of-mouth marketing I unknowingly gave her all this time.

Feb 28, 2019

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  • Oct 20, 2017


  • R&B


  • RCA


Gabi Wilson (born June 27, 1997), better known professionally as H.E.R. (pronounced "her", acronym for Having Everything Revealed), is a Grammy Award winning American singer and songwriter. Before being known as H.E.R., Wilson rose to fame by participating in Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing in 2009. She later signed to RCA Records at the age of 14 and released a single, "Something To Prove", under her real name in 2014.
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