Wanted On Voyage

AlbumbyGeorge Ezra

Released in 2015, 12 tracks, 43 min

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"Wanted On Voyage"

Young And Talented Maestro George Ezra Brings An Old Soul To Indie Pop On ‘Wanted On Voyage’

I generally have a thing for oxymoronic cases – in this case, George Ezra looking like 18 but sounding like he is a weathered 50 year old. Have yet to hear dude speak in an interview, but he sure sings deep, and I gather that it is all deftly applied technique to hit such low, throaty, rounded vocals. The sound is nothing particularly new in Indie Pop Folk, with artists tending to go real high or real low, but Ezra’s is certainly the most listenable low throated voice I have heard in a long time, as he tackles charming singer songwriter pieces on 2014 album Wanted On Voyage. The Englishman is a lifelong fan of American music, having grown up on Bob Dylan, and through Dylan, seeking out more rootsy music in the Blues of Lead Belly and Howlin’ Wolf. So there you have it – he is channeling the past where he can. English artists, I find, love American Soul, and are quite adept at mimicking it’s tone and cadences, to the point where you wouldn’t know they are UK natives. And the UK certainly was feeling Ezra, as this debut hit number one on their charts – propelling him to super stardom. Somehow, I missed this guy’s rise, and caught instead Ed Sheeran’s – who is a force in his own right, yet I found instantly while listening to this record for the first time that I like Ezra’s style and arrangements a lot more. No missteps really here, except some eye rolling moments when the folk gets to commercial or joyous, but for the most part these songs are all well thought out and most importantly, Ezra’s voice never falters for me – which is a rarity with regards to my general feelings about Indie Folk vocalization.

Written by @taylor
Apr 12, 2019

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"Wanted On Voyage"

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"Wanted On Voyage"

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"Wanted On Voyage"

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"Wanted On Voyage"

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"Wanted On Voyage"

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"Wanted On Voyage"


  • Jan 27, 2015


  • Blues

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"George Ezra"

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