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Burn The Ships

2018, 11 tracks, 49 mins 8 sec


Mar 06, 2019

‘Burn The Ships’ Is Modern Christian & Gospel Music That Might Be Able To Reverse The Stressors On Your Spirit

It has been a long long while since I have been to church, but for me it has often given me a boost in my life when I do participate in Sunday service. Yet these days, when I’m really stressed out and I need to get my mind off of the nuts and bolts of my existence, sometimes my only option is to take a drive in my car and put on some Christian radio to calm down, which I think for now, is an activity I still prefer over signing up for another tour of organized religion. I surely have a spiritual appetite or else I wouldn’t hunger for what’s unanswerable. Recently, I really needed to hear something meditative and encouraging, and so tuned to that oasis of a radio channel, where after a few songs, there was some promotional interview clip or excerpt setting up the song “God Only Knows” for a band who I would soon discover was named for King & Country. I’m not sure which member was speaking, but whether or not it was Joel or Luke Smallbone, I found the speaker’s words to be very wise, as he explained that he is constantly practicing love as much as possible, even when he gets a crazy hateful stare from some stranger intent on intimidating him, conceding that in actuality, he has no clue what this upset individual must have gone through in life in order to, in that moment, exhibit such unprovoked animosity. This is not really a turn the other cheek policy – but more of a spiritual empathetic gesture, where all the singer can do is practice positivity in light of such negativity, because from his perspective, “God Only Knows” what the guy has been through. The station then played the actual track, and while the lyrics were a little less obvious, the chorus really captured this sense of empathy for another’s unique frame of reference. I figured, ok, I need to hear this band’s album sometime, because this isn’t, so far, your average Christian & Gospel music. The track had a great sound, with wisely decisions on the notes and their placements, plus a bit of a kick to the drum section, yet not overloud for the sake of being overloud, per convention. By comparison, listening to the singles from Hillsong UNITED, the songs sound decent enough, but they are all way too similar to each other for my tastes, using the same wall of sound, the same drums, and not differentiating their sound, track to track. A couple weeks after my little meditative drive, I copped the newest CD for KING & COUNTRY, entitled Burn The Ships, without hearing the other songs beforehand, endeavoring to rely on my faith that the album would be of good quality and hopefully more internal variety than other albums on the market.

Written by @taylor




Album Info

"Burn The Ships"


  • Oct 05, 2018


  • Religious


  • Word Entertainment


  • For King & Country
  • Matt Hales
  • Blake Kanicka
  • Seth Mosley
  • Tedd Tjornhom


Burn the Ships (stylized as burn the ships) is the third studio album by For King & Country, an Australian Christian pop duo comprising brothers Luke Smallbone and Joel Smallbone, released via Word Entertainment on 5 October 2018. It features appearances from Moriah Peters and Courtney, the respective wives of Joel and Luke Smallbone. For King & Country collaborated with Matt Hales, Blake Kanicka, Seth Mosley and Tedd Tjornhom in the production of the album.
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