Too Low for Zero

AlbumbyElton John

Released in 1998, 13 tracks, 63 min

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"Too Low for Zero"

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"Too Low for Zero"

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"Too Low for Zero"

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"Too Low for Zero"

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"Too Low for Zero"

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"Too Low for Zero"

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"Too Low for Zero"

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"Too Low for Zero"


  • Jan 01, 1998


  • Pop/Rock


  • Geffen (US)Rocket (UK)


  • Chris Thomas


  • AIR Studios (Montserrat) and Sunset Sound Recorders (Hollywood, CA).


Too Low for Zero (stylised as 2 ↓ 4 0), released in 1983, is the seventeenth studio album release by Elton John. The album marked a comeback for John, whose previous four albums had failed to yield many enduring international hit singles, and had disappointing sales compared to his string of hit records released during the first half of the 1970s. It is his best selling album of the 1980s, earning Platinum certification by both the RIAA and the British Phonographic Industry. It produced several hit songs, each accompanied by successful MTV music videos, and it spent over a year on the Billboard album chart.
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