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Take Care (Deluxe Version)

Album by Drake
2011, 20 tracks, 1 hour 30 mins 14 sec


May 17, 2019

Take Care Is A Mellow Album That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Musical artists can live in their own little bubble, so often surrounded by yes-men or overly dedicated fans, also known as stans, who can find no wrong in anything they do and will argue on their behalf 24/7. These environments tend to be poisonous for those artists and disadvantageous in the long run, giving them a false sense of success and not allowing them to get better over time. For this reason, when artists come out to the public and are brutally honest about their own past work, it’s a refreshing take. That’s exactly what Drake did after his first album Thank Me Later, which he admitted wasn’t worked on enough and felt a little bit rushed. All of the hype around his initial breakout mixtape put pressure on him that got to him and once the debut album was done, it was done for good, without being truly ready for the world to lay ears upon. Regardless, off of that album, he was put on a 78 show world tour and work for his sophomore album started immediately. As soon as the tour ended in November of 2010, Drake told GQ that he called the album Thank Me Later to deflate the hype that he quietly knew he could have never lived up to. But he did as good of a job as expected, and in the same interview, he moved things forward by revealing that his sophomore album would be called Take Care and was due in the spring. “Don’t think for a second I can’t do better.”

Written by @Akaash from Hip-Hop-N-More




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"Take Care (Deluxe Version)"



  • Jan 01, 2011


  • Rap