More Life


Released in 2017, 22 tracks, 83 min

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"More Life"

Drake’s More Life Is No Playlist, But Does Offer Itself As A Collection Of Good Music Anyway

While it was on the air, OVO Sound Radio was a true staple in the music scene and Drake’s career. Fortnight after fortnight, it felt obligatory to tune in and see what he, or Oliver, or any of the plethora of special guests had to play for the world. The show kicked off in July of 2015 just a couple of weeks after Beats 1 Radio itself debuted. On the first night, Drake and Oliver premiered three new records; his and Skepta’s ‘Ojuelegba’ remix, ‘Drama’ with Roy Wood$ and his remix of Ramriddlz’s ‘Sweeterman’. Famously, after the first episode, Meek Mill came out and dissed Drake and so episode two of the show was even more highly anticipated than the first. Drake responded with ‘Charged Up’ but also dropped ‘Hotline Bling’ and ‘Right Hand’. I remember being on a vacation at the time but still covering the releases and they truly felt colossal. Fellow tourists were aware of the music dropping. As well as the exclusives, every episode, any other music that Drake chose to play had a magnifying glass put over it, naturally. It was his way of communicating with fans outside of social media and his own music. It was an evolution of the OVO blog from back in the day, where he and the crew would post whatever they were feeling to get their point across. Oliver ended up taking the show’s duty’s every couple of weeks but the format of the show gave Drake an idea.

Written by @Akaash from Hip-Hop-N-More
Jun 06, 2019

Drake's "More Life" Album Lacks Hit Songs But There's Something About It That Makes It Special And Great

There is a saying that two is company, but three is a crowd. That saying is so true and, in many cases, it has proven to be legendary, but there's one instance where it doesn't hold water, or maybe more than one instances, and music is one of them. Music is universal. It thrives most times on having more; more vibes, more elements, more ideas and definitely more collaborations. Sometimes in music this more is misunderstood to be correct only when you're dealing with cool stuff, cool people, cool genres, or even cool places. Sometimes though it is, but in the bigger picture it is not. It is being ready and willing to accept things the way they are. The first time I listened to Drake's 2017 and 5th studio album "More Life", I knew immediately that there was something different about it. I had followed Drake fervently in his early days when he serenaded his audiences with an interesting form of the RnB and HipHop genres and had grown to be a fan of his music. Drake has always tried to find a balance or some sort of meeting point between those two genres of music, but this time something wasn't just adding up. It's either something very important was missing or something new was added, I convinced myself. But as I continued to listen to that piece of music I was faced with more and more questions. What is the inspiration behind this album? Did Drake get more mature and decided to show that maturity in his music, or did he have one hell of an experience that probably changed his whole life? The more these questions rang in my head, the more I got consumed in my imaginations, but the more I also got close to finding the answers. It was a great experience for me, the whole process, the moments where I found and lost myself. Understanding "More Life" has been a blessing, but it has also been an eye opener. It reminded me that normal is good too. That sophistication has a limit and that in the end, the word cool really just depends on how you define it.

Written by @timuwakwe from NaviCorp
Jun 04, 2019

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"More Life"

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"More Life"

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"More Life"

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"More Life"

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"More Life"



  • Mar 18, 2017


  • Rap

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