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Rattle That Lock

Album by David Gilmour
2015, 10 tracks, 53 mins 11 sec


May 01, 2019

‘Rattle That Lock’ Is Another Jaw-Dropper For David Gilmour Fans

David Gilmour, the former vocalist of the legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd released his fourth solo album Rattle That Lock in September 2015 from the Columbia record label. This is the most recent studio album released by David Gilmour, however, he released a live cinematic album in 2017 called Live At Pompeii where the live videos of his concert at the Amphitheatre of Pompeii were featured. Rattle That Lock is largely a blend of music genres like progressive rock, jazz and ambient music. The music was recorded in four studios in three different studios in England, which include the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. On top of his usual prog-rock and ambient music styles with fascinating electric guitar solos that he repeatedly used in his previous albums as well as his Pink Floyd compositions, addition of jazz elements in this album in tracks like “The Girl in yellow dress” has made it more attractive and interesting to most alternative music listeners. There is a total of ten tracks in the album including three instrumentals, and has a total time length of approximately fifty one minutes. However, the deluxe edition of the album has a total of fourteen tracks that include some extended, orchestral versions and radio edits. The album received positive reviews from music critics and listeners. Record Collecter and RTE.ie rated the album 4 out of 5 stars, while Allmusic rated it 3.5 stars and The Guardian rated it 3 stars. The album cover has a very striking artwork that features a photograph with a number of birds escaping a cage in front of a picturesque landscape with grasslands, mountains and clouds. The album received several gold and platinum certifications from various organisations of the music industry in seven different countries across Europe and Canada. The album was also featured at the top position in many weekly charts across the world. David Gilmour, who already has a significant fan base across the whole world since the Pink Floyd era, might not have disappointed his fans with all the astonishing tracks within the album.

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"Rattle That Lock"


  • Sep 18, 2015


  • Pop/Rock