Where It All Began

AlbumbyDan + Shay

Released in 2014, 12 tracks, 43 min

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"Where It All Began"

Dan + Shay’s ‘Where It All Began’ Is Like A Country Starter Kit That Non Country Fans Will Probably Enjoy

It is so cliché to say ‘I like all styles of music – except Country.’ How many of us have heard this line, or even uttered it ourselves? A true music aficionado like myself could never truly be so without conceding that Country music has a lot going for it – you just have to look in the right places. The classics are good, from George Jones to Willie Nelson, yet in modern times, I for one had a real problem getting down with what is considered popular and Country today. From former Country act Taylor Swift to the Bro Country of Florida Georgia Line, I decided ‘nope’, the new stuff has no listening value for me. Not to beat up on the aforementioned artists – but generally, the Pop conventions are what ruin it for me, and in the case of Florida Georgia Line, I really disliked the ginning-up of drawl and Country-ness I detected which I guess was supposed to counteract all the Pop party formula happening. Enter Dan + Shay, a duo I initially wrote off, assuming from a few singles and definitely their visual brand that they would be another sort of cheap shot party Pop duo – but after listening to their newest self titled album, boy was I wrong about them. I enjoyed their music enough to want to discover where it all began, which is why I would recommend any music listener, interested in decent Country Pop, should listen to their first album Where It All Began, which, like much of their catalogue, emphasizes true love and passion over the more usual tropes of drinking and tailgating.

Written by @taylor
Mar 15, 2019

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"Where It All Began"

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"Where It All Began"

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"Where It All Began"

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"Where It All Began"

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"Where It All Began"

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"Where It All Began"

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"Where It All Began"


  • Apr 01, 2014


  • Country


  • Warner Bros. Nashville


  • Dan Smyers
  • Scott Hendricks
  • Danny Orton
  • Chris DeStefano


Where It All Began is the debut studio album by American country music duo Dan + Shay. It was released on April 1, 2014 via Warner Bros. Nashville. The album includes the singles "19 You + Me", "Show You Off", and "Nothin' Like You".
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