How Daft Punk’s Discovery Made Me A Kinder Person Today

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It’s not very often a record comes along that speaks to you in such a way that it completely defines who you become later-on in life, shaping the way you think & influencing your personality as you grow; Sure, everyone will have their favourite albums & artist, ones that remind them of a special time in their formative years or maybe of a certain someone, but truly life-changing works of art are a rare occurrence – For me, that was Daft Punk’s incredible 2001 jamtacular “Discovery,” a record so perfect, so utterly genius that I wouldn’t experience anything as integral to my being until much, much later on in life, affecting every facet of my personality throughout middle- & high-school.

Internet Cafés, Late Night Energy Drinks & Adult Swim

Back in my youth, I was your typical subculture aficionado, engaging in virtually anything you could possibly consider nerdy or geeky at the time; I enjoyed Japanese animation, Punk & Techno music, video games & romantic comedies – I was basically Gerard Way in the beginning of My Chemical Romance’s music video for “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).” In eight grade, I would spend every night hitting the internet café until the wee hours of the night playing Counter Strike & listening to Linkin Park AMV’s I downloaded off of Limewire, eventually discovering that all of my ideals were being met on Cartoon Network’s now-famous Adult Swim – then simply called Midnight Run – television block. A special edition music video marathon aired at the end of August 2001, introducing me to the likes of The Gorillaz & their unique animated music world; I thought they were so incredibly unique, mixing Japanese-inspired animation with Punk-adjacent Alternative Rock music, but my mind blew completely open later on the same broadcast when they world premiered four of Daft Punk’s music videos off Discovery, changing my perspective entirely on the artistry you could create with music & animation.

Learning To Love For The First Time

For those who’re unfamiliar, the entirety of Discovery is recreated in animated form within the movie Interstella 5555, each scene of the film comprised of a singular song off the album that progresses the story in some way, all of which is divided into individual music videos for your viewing pleasure – Now, this may seem like a cheap gimmick, but it adds so much depth of character to the electronic compositions Daft Punk created that it actually transports you into the world itself, legendary Space Battleship Yamato animator Leiji Matsumoto breathing such life & beauty into the characters of the story that you find yourself falling in love with their narratives; Whether it be the charming romantic tension & redemption arc in “Digital Love” or the heartbreaking final sacrifice of “Something About Us,” the beauty in which he renders his characters puts a necessary human element into the robotic – albeit incredibly funky – nature of the band’s music – With such a focus on the innocence & purity of love, I was taught to be open with my feelings & proud of my burning passion, falling in love for the first time at the end of that year with someone who shared similar feelings for the euphoric arrangements within the album & bonding over the unmentioned emotions a well-produced melody line can express.

Why I Always Come Back To Discovery For More

Though the aforementioned love inevitably faded away as we grew into our adolescence, the concepts I learned within Discovery always remained. Years would pass, but I’d continue to reference this Daft Punk masterpiece whenever I needed to express humility, compassion, worry, silliness or even rage, as all are present in some form or another across the album; “Veridis Quo” would accompany me on long emotional drives home from an abusive ex’s house, whilst “Short Circuit” would be my go-to dance-battle music when I needed to brighten someone’s mood & have a little fun – You see, there’re thousands of ways you can express yourself through words in music that often removes you from the responsibility of making decisions for yourself, but it’s the feeling of a song that really says the most & Discovery is jam-packed with nothing but pure, exhilarating emotions from start to finish, helping you get the most out of your auditory experience here on planet Earth.

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Discovery is the second studio album by French electronic music duo Daft Punk, released on 26 February 2001 by Virgin Records. It marks a shift from the Chicago house sound prevalent on their first studio record, Homework (1997), to a house style more heavily inspired by disco, post-disco, garage house, and R&B. Comparing their stylistic approach to their previous album, band member Thomas Bangalter described Discovery as an exploration of song structures and musical forms whereas Homework was "raw" electronic music. He also described Discovery as a reflection of the duo's childhood memories, when they listened to music with a more playful and innocent viewpoint.
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