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Love Hurts

Album by Cher
1991, 12 tracks, 45 mins 24 sec


Jun 28, 2019

"Love Hurts" – An Album More Focused On Regular Issues That Everyone Can Relate To Than It Is About Her Personal Life.

Cher had enjoyed a fairly successful career since she released her debut album in the late 60’s. although the years that followed after her debut were quite pleasant, she has had her fair share of struggles in her musical career. As a result of that, her sound has been re-engineered several times over. "Love Hurts" is the twentieth studio album by the American songstress Cher and it does not sound like the Cher the world enjoyed in the 60’s. The album which was released in 1991 was the last album she recorded with Geffen Records. At the time of the recording, her relationship with guitarist Bon Jovi was barely up to a year so the love was still quite strong. Consequently, she dedicated the album to him and every man that made her shed tears in the past. The latter probably referred to her failed relationships. Despite the level of fame that she had acquired, the artist still had a lot of admiration for other musicians. She expressed those feelings on this album, four of the tracks were covers of songs that were sung by other artists, years before. Cher released different versions of the album in different countries. Probably, that was an effort to meet the musical appeal of the different countries. To an extent the strategy was quite successful as she sold thousands and rose to the top three in multiple countries but this made her fans conclude that she had been fully sold out. She was ready to imitate anything as long as that kept the bags rolling in. As a result, the album received mixed reviews, some immediately fell in love with the new and improved Cher while others described the album as being a waste of time. Personally, I have listened to most of the albums by the pop diva and this album is a very much a welcome development. The rock n roll theme she picked for this album is extremely suited to her vocals which made the songs really natural, unlike a few of her previous records where her sound was second best.

Apr 26, 2019

Love Hurts Completes The Rock Trilogy Of Albums Cher Made In The Early 90’s

When Cher released her album Love Hurts in 1991, and showcased her version of the song with the same title – it was already a huge rock classic here in the Philippines. The popular version here was from the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth – and their rendering of “Love Hurts” struck a chord among the youth of my generation. The song was constantly performed by local rock bands in bars all over the country and it was a heavy favorite in the karaoke bars. There just was no escaping from it. I was just a kid then, around ten years old and I remember that every time I rode the bus – to or from the town that I lived to the city, this song would always be played in the buses – so I’d always associate this song with riding buses – and how the bus drivers and the conductors loved it so much. That connection has made it much easier for me to ease into this album. I don’t know the full scale of the chronology of Cher’s extensive album discography but for me – her Cher, Heart of Stone and Love Hurts albums form a kind of a trilogy of great rock music from this music legend – a period which starts around 1986 until 1992, roughly more than a decade. And through that period – I was with Cher throughout that ride, buying all three CDs and enjoying her music. That was the period that I discovered her genius as a performer. She was virtually unstoppable during this stage of her music career, delivering rock hit after rock hit, nine top 40 songs all in all - encompassing all those three albums. It was only much later on that I learned of her earlier success as a singer in the 60s and 70s, and her earlier #1 songs - when she recounted her early years in showbiz when she did her hugely successful reunion tours. I realized then that she was special, a real big legend in both the film and music industry, having a career that spans an astounding six decades and counting.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity




Album Info

"Love Hurts"



  • Jun 11, 1991


  • Adult Contemporary
  • Contemporary Pop/Rock
  • Soft Rock


  • Geffen


  • John Kalodner
  • Peter Asher
  • Steve Lukather
  • Guy Roche
  • Diane Warren
  • Richie Zito
  • Bob Rock


Love Hurts is the twentieth studio album by American singer-actress Cher, released on June 13, 1991 by Geffen Records. The RIAA certified it Gold on August 27, 1991. It is the final studio album with the record label Geffen. The lead single from the album was, "Love and Understanding" and the follow-up singles were "Save Up All Your Tears", "Love Hurts", "Could've Been You" and "When Lovers Become Strangers". It debuted at number 48 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart with the sales of 19,000. In November 2011, Billboard stated that Love Hurts has sold 600,000 copies in the US.
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