Cher [1987]


Released in 1987, 10 tracks, 45 min

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"Cher [1987]"

The Musical Success Of The Cher (1987) Album Proved That Stats Do Not Really Mean Much As Long As You Have Loyal Fans And Friendly Radio Stations.

No matter how many changes and experiments the artist does on her music, she always returned to her first love “rock” and this album is one of such albums. "Cher" was the second self-titled album by the artist. The name of the first album was changed to Gypsies, tramps and thieves as a means of ensuring that it was successful commercially. After experimenting with a long series of disco and pop tracks, she finally produced a rock themed album and It was as though her fans and quite a number of radio stations had been anticipating her return. The album caused the artist to top the charts once more. As usual, the tracks on the album’s playlist were written by multiple artists. Whenever I think about the fact that the songs were not actually written by the songstress but yet she always made a perfect delivery it always blows my mind away. The playlist included a brand-new version of her song “Bang bang (My baby shot me down)” which made it clear that the artist was obviously not content with the makeup of the earlier version. It is a good thing the artist had producers work with her all through her career because of the things she accepted musically ended not performing well in the musical world. Despite the friendly reception the song enjoyed from her fans and radio stations, the song ended up not doing too well commercially. According to statistics, the album did not get to the top three of any chart but its tracks were just hanging in the balance between #11 and #47.

Jul 17, 2019

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"Cher [1987]"

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"Cher [1987]"

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"Cher [1987]"

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"Cher [1987]"

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"Cher [1987]"

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"Cher [1987]"

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"Cher [1987]"



  • Jan 01, 1987


  • Dance-Pop

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Cher [1987]by Cher
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