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2019, 13 tracks, 52 mins 5 sec


May 31, 2019

A gradual drift from pure metalcore to mainstream genres like pop-rock and EDM

The English rock band Bring Me the Horizon released their sixth studio album Amo in January 2019 through Sony Music and RCA Records. In this album, we get to see a significant drift in their sound from pure rock/metal to introduction of pop, hip hop, dance and electronic music elements. Bring Me the Horizon, which started as a metalcore band, has changed their music to the more commercial genres. Its genre has been described as a combination of pop-rock, EDM, electro pop, electronic rock, synth pop, alternative rock, hard rock, pop and electronica, along with some elements of hip-hop and trap. The album has a total of thirteen tracks that runs for an overall time length of approximately fifty two minutes. Amo, the name has been taken from the Portuguese word of “I love”. According to the frontman Oliver Sykes, this is a “love album” exploring every aspect of this powerful emotion, including the good, bad and the ugly. Later, he also commented that this is a concept album. The album received mostly good reviews among many mixed reviews from the music critics and listeners. NME rated the album 5 out of 5 stars, while AllMusic rated it 4.5 stars praising the album calling it “genre-bending thrill ride that marks a brave new era for the band”. The Independent rated the album 4 out of 5 stars calling the album as “catchy and eclectic”, while The Guardian rated it 3 out of 5 stars, comparing it with Linkin Park’s “A Thousand Suns”. Metal Injection and Wall of Sound rated the album 7 out of 10, while the heavy metal music news website Metal Injection rated it 7.5. It received an overall rating of 85 on Metacritic. Though many fans could not accept the change in their music genres, especially the fan base the band created during their Metalcore origins, but this new work has certainly managed to gather new listeners. Some of their rock/metal listeners persisted and they had also gathered listeners who like listening to genres like pop and electronic music. The album was featured in many music charts across the planet, and reached the number one position in countries like Australia and the United Kingdom. It was featured in the fourteenth position on US Billboard 200 chart.

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  • Jan 25, 2019


  • Alternative/Indie Rock
  • Heavy Metal


Amo (stylised in lowercase) is the sixth studio album by British rock band Bring Me the Horizon. Originally scheduled for release on 11 January 2019, it was released on 25 January 2019. The album was announced on 22 August 2018, a day after the release of the lead single "Mantra".[2] It was produced by frontman Oliver Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish, and was written and recorded primarily in Los Angeles.[3]
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