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"Everythings for Sale"

Mar 04, 2019

Boogie’s Lengthy Everythings For Sale Serves Up A Curveball To The Hip Hop Industry

Written by @camjameson from Extraneous Routes  / 6 mins read
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I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: Today’s Rap offerings are nowhere near as creative, compelling or even emotionally-substantial as they used to be, consistently landing somewhere between monotonous Club Banger sensibilities or repetitive lyrical structures that’re indistinguishable from the competition, a problem that’s especially prevalent in all the Trap music that spawned from the SoundCloud demographic. It’s not like there aren’t a fair share of genius acts out there, wordsmiths like Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak & Mozzy giving the industry a run for their money, but the vast majority of rappers who get their start on Worldstar Hip Hop lack any sense of personality that’d warrant their obscene mainstream success, standing so many levels below the varied Hip Hop voices of the nineties & early-noughties, back when you needed no more than two bars of any song to instantly recognize who the rapper was by their voice & flow alone – In the latter-end of 2018 & especially the fantastic beginning of 2019, the Hip Hop industry has really done its due diligence to bring much of this artistic creativity back to the scene much as the House & Techno markets have started shunning Tropical compositions in favour of the more percussion-heavy arrangements of the late-nineties Diva House persuasion, enriching the market as a whole & replenishing the dominance Hip Hop once held over audiences. Among many other artists who’ve restored my faith in today’s scene, Compton, California native Boogie – not to be confused with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – has thrust himself to the forefront of public reception with his latest Everythings For Sale album, assuring the iconic sonic profile of the southern California Bloods gang would persist into the future, showing all the wannabe-gangbangers of the Florida rap scene what true streetwise flow is all about.

Steeped In Tradition Yet Courteous To Modern Sounds

One of the defining factors of Boogie’s sound – as I lightly touched on a moment ago – is his incredibly laidback flow, a style overwhelmingly reminiscent of the causal Gansta Rap aesthetics of eighties- & nineties-era Rap culture, easily fitting alongside contemporaries like Nate Dogg, Tweedy Bird Loc & my personal favourite Richie Rich with a style that completely embodies the self-assured West Coast vibes of yore. When you look at a track like “Silent Ride” you can really see these personality traits in action as boogie sinks into the beat like it was his natural environment, slaying modern rappers with an unbelievably confident swagger & fierce bars that produce some of the ost dense lyrics in the game as far as vocabulary is concerned, all performed in a mixture of soft-toned vocalizations from the classic Hip Hop scene with a bit of the rhythmic tendencies of the more mainstream Rap drawl; Most importantly, he combines the disparate styles with a surprisingly legible timbre, seamlessly fusing old-world flow with the rather repetitive, formulaic structures of today’s Rap music, somehow making triplet-rhythms & loose-mouthed stream-of-consciousness narratives feel intelligent & compelling in ways rappers like Lil Uzi Vert & Famous Dex could never even dream of recreating – Maybe I’m just bitter about how little the Hip Hop market has innovated over the last five, maybe even ten years, but Everythings For Sale just does wonders to provide me with the narrative joy & compositional competence I crave when I reach for this genre.

This ‘Thug’ Isn’t Too Hard To Charm His Listeners

As much as I adore songs like the hard-hitting “Whose Fault” that makes you want to ride slowly down main street in a tinted scraper or “Soho” that takes advantage of JID’s bombastic personality to create a refreshing Trap experience even oldheads like me can enjoy, the majority of Everythings For Sale is comprised of relatively subdued arrangements, delivering the same smooth lyricism present on the more upbeat tracks only over rather downtempo instrumentation, conveying just how malleable his voice can be when given a solid beat to rhyme over – The best examples of this are tracks like “Lolsmh” & “Live 95,” joints that capitalize on Boogie’s gospel church background to provide beautiful soundscapes full of retro Funk bass grooves & rich Neo Soul chord progressions that bring about a sense of melodic authority you can’t look away from, encompassing everything pure about the New York & Philadelphia Hip Hop scenes back in the very early-nineties, arousing nostalgic memories of Hieroglyphics or A Tribe Called Quest. These & so many other bangers on the album value simplicity over sonic assault, placing nearly all of their focus on the deep, introspective lyrics that capture what it’s really like growing up on the streets of Compton, touching on economic disparity & racial tensions in a cool, calm & collected voice without making you feel awkward about your own social status in comparison, resulting in some of the industry’s most informative & totally compelling storylines in years – Seriously, experiences like this are far & few-between & I for one am absolutely loving every consecutive playthrough I get to experience with it.

The Future Has Boogie Emblazoned On Every Billboard

If you made it this far into this article & still aren’t convinced of Boogie’s overwhelming Hip Hop excellence, take the 2 minutes & 21 seconds to sit down with the song “No Warning,” allowing yourself to simmer in its wonderfully-emotive atmosphere & surprisingly-mature instrumental composition, after which I’m sure you’ll change your tune in a heartbeat. Songs like this, “Time” & “Tired / Reflections” are shining examples of just what makes him so special as an artist, capable of expressing overbearing masculinity, mindfulness, melancholy, depression & elation in new & inventive ways across the album, all without ever once stumbling thematically or lyrically which serves as a testament to how next-level his talents as a wordsmith really are; When you hear those solemn piano melodies & soulful chorus vocals bloom with brilliance, you’re given an unspoken promise that this record & everything Boogie produces from here on out will be reformative events that change the way you think about modern Hip Hop, presenting you with nothing but top-tier songwriting that’ll ensure the continued existence of the Hip Hop industry for years to come as it inspires up & coming lyricists to lovingly mimic his already-anachronistic style – Seriously, even though it might no seem so at the moment & could very-well become one of those niche records that appeals to a very small subculture, I have no reservations asserting that Everythings For Sale is going to be one of the most influential albums of this generation, easily capturing listeners’ attentions decades down the line in the same way Wu-Tang Clan & Ice Cube continue to prove their relevance today.

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