Released in 2018, 16 tracks, 42 min

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With COSMIC, 20 year old Bazzi aims to make Pop albums that he would like to listen to

Bazzi has absolutely blown up from 2018, streaming, selling major merch, cds, vinyl, and delighting fans while on tour, because he, I feel, has set himself apart from a crop of other Pop acts, whom tend to sound the same because of the classic Drake effect, infusing Pop with R&B, through beat patterns, melodies and instrumentation, whilst also delivering on familiar nostalgic formulas. Because so many artists record albums while hiding behind the commonly accepted auto-tune façade which they have come to rely upon, and because Bazzi proves on quite a few cuts that he has enough singing ability to not have to rely on such modulation, he does end up sounding more talented and serious about his songs than most, and is worth a listen, beyond his smash hit single “Mine.” He has mentioned on public record that his motivation with COSMIC is fame and also making music that he hasn’t personally heard – the type of joints he would like to listen to – pointing to the seriousness of his ambitions, yet, while this music is good, it is not revolutionarily different enough either from its inspirations or competition. I was super surprised to hear this dude has been going at it since way back in 2015. I only started to listen to COSMIC because I heard “Mine” on my morning commute. Open hearing the whole album, it really is a cosmic experience, and even the album cover is space aged and cosmic, showing BAZZI as a sort of shooting star, though I can’t tell if he is elated or in the midst of some sort of anguish.

Written by @taylor
Feb 18, 2019

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  • Apr 12, 2018


  • R&B


  • iamcosmic
  • Atlantic


  • Andrew Bazzi
  • Rice N Peas


Cosmic (stylized in all caps) is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter Bazzi, released on April 12, 2018 through Bazzi's own record label, iamcosmic, and Atlantic.
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