The Best Damn Thing

AlbumbyAvril Lavigne

Released in 2007, 13 tracks, 67 min

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Alternative/Indie RockTeen Pop


"The Best Damn Thing"

The Best Damn Thing: How I Fell In Love For The First Time

Avril Lavigne music has been the soundtrack for part of my life, since her debut album. From the time I was a 12-year-old "Sk8er Boy" who just wanted to revolt against the system, whose life was "Complicated" for a young man. Who was trying to find himself in the world, thinking to himself, where do I belong? Dedicating the song "I'm with you" to himself. Her music resonated all the way to her sophomore album when life seemed to be as dark as her album. When my sister handed me a note stating, "I want to kill myself." The lyrics of "No Body Home," hit home. It was the only song that could make me associate to what she was feeling. I always say, where words falter, music vocalises. When she sang: “She wants to go home, but nobody's home. That's where she lies. Broken inside with no place to go. No place to go to dry her eyes! Broken inside! Her feelings she hides, her dreams she can't find. She's losing her mind, she's falling behind she can't find her place, she's losing her faith, she’s falling from grace, she's all over the place, yeah." – Avril. The lyrics will forever be hunting, and it made me realise that suicide is no fool and must be taking earnestly. My skin still crawls, and I want to jump out of my skin every single time I listen to this song. Still makes me shake, and it scares me to death to even think how much pain one must be in. The feeling of despair in Avril voice would match the despair I was feeling. Wondering what I could do to make this situation better. Still, the song gives you a bit of hope. Being both angelic and cryptic, it's like a California sunset joining the blue ocean waves in the middle of an Eclipse. Drawing in on sorrows in a dark place but trying to find peace. A beautiful song but yet emotional and frightening all at the same time.

Written by @djtrevi
Aug 10, 2019

The Golden Age Of Pop: Avril Lavigne Kicks Off The Greatest Era Of Pop Music With The Fun, Defiant & Rule-Breaking “The Best Damn Thing”

To this day, I’m still one of the biggest fans of Avril Lavigne. Sure, there was a clear shift in her persona and music at a certain time, but I never was one to buy into conspiracy theories. There is no Melissa! Avril Lavigne has always been Avril Lavigne, and she still makes great music, it’s just not what everybody wants. She started off hating the world at a very young age, giving us the sad girl jams of the early 2000’s with her iconic debut Let Go featuring hits like “Complicated” and “I’m With You.” She followed that up with my personal favorite Under My Skin, which was even darker and sadder with songs like “Nobody’s Home” and “My Happy Ending.” But then it seemed like the sad girl wasn’t as sad anymore — which shouldn’t be an issue. If someone is feeling much better about themselves and the world around them, it would make sense to support them. Everybody wanted their sad jams, though. I guess I could see where they are coming from. If Christina Perri or Lana Del Rey made an album of just bright, shining, happy music then I would be very much concerned. But I still don’t think it’s fair to criticize this record. Avril Lavigne’s The Best Damn Thing properly kicked off the greatest era of pop music which I call “The Golden Age Of Pop.” Following this huge release, we received some of the best songs and albums from the biggest pop artists of today like Rihanna and P!nk and we were soon introduced to the true saviors of pop music, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Releasing this album was necessary — not only for Avril — but for women in pop music to officially throw away all of the rules and become the frontrunners. Allow me to dive in a little deeper to The Best Damn Thing.

Jul 04, 2019

Avril Lavigne: The advocate for teen pop

One of the things that makes music so much fun is the fact that when the Avril Lavigne is singing about things that she genuinely feels, you will relate to the words in the track but when she isn’t the track would just be one of those songs. Avril has that special ability of taking someone back to her teen years through her songs. It is essentially a message for young adults. The issues she brings up in her songs are things that bother the younger generation. Things like boyfriend snatching, self-image, status quo and a touch of love. Another point to note from the artist is the fact that she does not lament over boys or relationships but rather she paints a picture of her dominating boys and relationships. She is currently regarded as the only advocate for teen pop. Music created by Avril has been criticized as being an excess of teen pop and the messages in her songs have often been deemed unfit for teens (the exact populace her music is targeted at). Critics often treat the genre as though it is not a worthy form of music and those who create the songs, as immature. Despite their misguided criticisms, the pop star has still managed to make decent records, although, it seems she would need something like a miracle to take her brand to the next level. The Best Damn Thing consists of more than half a dozen hit songs. It is a really fun one but quite a number of tracks lack a detailed explanation for her opinions on the issues she sang about (it seems to be lacking soul). Probably that is one of the things that defines the teen pop musician: the fact that she can make a hit record based on just conclusions she has made about herself and still make a hit out of it. The album is good but a lot can still be done to make it better.

Jun 07, 2019

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"The Best Damn Thing"

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"The Best Damn Thing"

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"The Best Damn Thing"

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"The Best Damn Thing"


  • Apr 17, 2007


  • Alternative/Indie Rock
  • Teen Pop

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