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Platinum Fire (Deluxe)

Album by Arin Ray
2018, 17 tracks, 53 mins 21 sec


Jun 07, 2019

Like A Flare In The Sky

Losing is never fun. After all, we compete to win. As much as child entertainment and adults tried to tell us that all that matters is that we did our best, the truth remains, we all want to win. With maturity however, we learn how to take those losses and defeats as an opportunity to not quit and give up on ourselves, but rather refocus, reformulate a plan, and come back stronger and better. If any artist can be a testament to bouncing back from public defeat its Arin Ray. The 23-year-old singer/song writer out of Cincinnati, Ohio, competed in front of America at the age of 15 on the once popular song contest show “The X-Factor”. At the time he was forced into a group that didn’t fare well and was ultimately eliminated. Displaying his persistence, Ray returned to audition in the following season, and though his talent was evident, he was eventually eliminated and placed 10th. While most of us on the outside looking in would view this as an accomplishment in itself, imagine the pain of being eliminated in front of the entire country on national television, not once, but twice. That type of public embarrassment might make it hard for one to even go outside again. After the release of a 2016 EP titled Phases, and a series of song writing credits, Ari Ray’s talent was finally getting validated by the public. Sometime in 2017, his single “Communication” featuring Big Baby Dram, made its way to my phone, I don’t quite remember how. What I do remember however, is how enjoyable this record was. I remember playing it back to back to back. Even today, I have to play it at least twice in a row. It’s a great record. From then on, Ari Ray was on my radar. While Arin Ray’s debut album is titled Platinum Fire, it behaves likes a flare in the sky as its captures the attention of anyone nearby upon listening.




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"Platinum Fire (Deluxe)"



  • Dec 14, 2018


  • R&B