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Yours Truly

Album by Ariana Grande
2013, 13 tracks, 49 mins 50 sec


May 24, 2019

Yours Truly – Revisiting The ‘90s R&B/Pop

Coming into the scene is one big challenge in the entertainment industry – especially the music aspect of it. And the name Ariana Grande is no new to trademark – at least to fans of the Nickelodeon TV series, Victorious. Something you, probably, didn’t know is that Ariana Grande co-wrote and performed the theme song for this TV series – and before venturing into music finally, she did a song (her debut single) with Mac Miller. After listening to the songs, and being wowed by both, I concluded that Ariana Grande possessed some kind of alluring musical prowess that couldn’t be confined to some series soundtrack or a radio hit single. And the fact that her sonorous voice is one that captivates the attention of its ‘victim’ cannot be overlooked. From her hit single off the album, The Way, she says: ‘we gotta go back, back in time….’ – and she did heed to this ‘advice’. The 12-tracked album is filled with chords from way back – something you would call the vintage chords progression. A throw-back to the R&B and Pop style of the 90s is what Ariana Grande did with this album – and to tell nothing less than the truth, it was amazing. Although the album didn’t have a focused genre, it was more of R&B and pop with a touch of the Adult contemporary music and dance music, as well. However, this album had a little flop – its songwriting. We can totally blame Ariana Grande for this – but her inexperience and her use of vieux jeu songwriters. Putting all these aside, this album brought a whole lot of controversies – one of which was Ariana Grande’s comparison to Mariah Carey! This argument was stirred up by a couple of things from the LP. The fact that the album had a lot to do with the 90’s R&B/Pop groove was one reason – not just this but that they were more like the ‘Mariah Carey style of music’. And the second being that Ariana Grande’s vocal range and pitch-spanning capacity were somewhat similar to Mariah Carey’s. After much was said and done to air the mist on this issue, it was realized that Mariah Carey was one of her musical idol and influence – others being Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse and the amazing Whitney Houston. AllMusic’s Matt Collar gave this album four stars out of five and termed it ‘a surprisingly sophisticated and unique debut album’. Speaking of accolades, Yours Truly didn’t do badly – at least for a debut album. It attained the top-ten positions in a few countries, including Ireland, Japan and the Netherlands. There’s nothing more to Yours Truly, except that it tells music lovers around the world to watch out for a new voice storming their waves in a while.

Mar 04, 2019

Ariana Grande’s Debut Album ‘Yours Truly’, Gentle And Comforting Vocals Before The Pressures Of Pop Stardom

“Yours Truly” is the 2013 album that signified to the world the official transition of this young Nickelodeon actor into one of the brightest new voices of her generation, yet it would take some more time before Ariana Grande would take the Pop Princess crown on bigger albums like My Everything or Dangerous Woman. Still, this record is largely regarded as one of the most important to come out in the last decade of Pop music. While she has some big numbers and big vocals, most noteworthy is the comforting tenderness she exhibits, and the dual stylistic themes of fifties era Doo Wop sharing the album with nineties R&B feel good melodies. Listening to one of the most famous songs of her career, “Honeymoon Avenue”, the melody at once sounds like something Ari’s nineties heroine Mariah Carey might sing over, and it also exhibits classic harmonies from way back in Soul Music’s Pop period. Speaking of Carey, the vocals here are undoubtedly similar to the one and only diva, and the comparison between the two would continue to be a little bit of a prickly conversation for fans on both sides of the singing issue. History would prove that Ariana Grande would succeed in becoming her own diva, and as her vocals were already pretty amazing for a Pop act in 2013, operating in a bit of a power vacuum left over from the lukewarm career moments of Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, and Celine Dion, she would develop more and more, quite effortlessly flaunting a 4 octave vocal range and seamlessly channeling both R&B and Pop cadences. While I consumed Sweetner in 2018 and thank you, no in 2019, I decided to take another look at her discography and remind myself where it all began.

Written by @taylor




Album Info

"Yours Truly"


  • Jan 01, 2013


  • R&B


  • Republic


  • Ariana Grande (exec.)
  • Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds
  • Antonio Dixon
  • Patrick "J. Que" Smith
  • The Rascals
  • Khris Riddick-Tynes
  • Leon Thomas III
  • Matt Squire
  • Mika Penniman
  • Greg Wells
  • Scott "Scooter" Braun (exec.)
  • Harmony Samuels (also exec.)


  • Brandon's Way Recording Studios The Lair(Los Angeles, California) Rocket Carousel Studios(Culver City, California) London Bridge Studio(Seattle, Washington) The Power House Studios(Yonkers, New York) Armoury Studios(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Brandon's Way Recording Studios
  • The Lair(Los Angeles, California)
  • Rocket Carousel Studios(Culver City, California)
  • London Bridge Studio(Seattle, Washington)
  • The Power House Studios(Yonkers, New York)
  • Armoury Studios(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)


Yours Truly is the debut studio album by American singer and actress Ariana Grande. It was released on September 3, 2013, by Republic Records. Incorporating R&B, Yours Truly was influenced by Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, amongst Grande's other greatest idols. Grande describes the album's first half as a "throwback" to the R&B music of the 1990s, and the second half being "very unique and very special that I've sort of written" which is completely original. On the album, Grande co-wrote six out of the twelve tracks. Contribution by Harmony Samuels, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Patrick "J. Que" Smith and Victorious co-star Leon Thomas III, as well as others, handling the production on the album. Grande recorded a number of songs on this album over a three-year period. The collaborations are with Big Sean, Mika and Mac Miller, in addition to The Wanted's Nathan Sykes, who features on the song "Almost is Never Enough" which was also included on The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones soundtrack. Occasionally, the album dips into other genres such as adult contemporary music and dance music.
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