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"thank u, next"

Jun 11, 2019

Let the Male Bashing Begin

Written by @akingbaby from SpateHipHopNews  / 3 mins read

With a title like “thank u, next” I didn’t expect Ariana Grande to have a lot of nice things to say about her ex’s. Don’t get me wrong, this is one of my favorite albums and men can still relate to the scenarios she talks about on the album. But while I was listening to the album, it made me think about what women really thought of me in my past relationships. The album has a let’s have sex and then you go home type of vibe. I enjoyed the whole album but there were a few standout songs to me.

I can so relate to this song

How many times were you in a situation where you knew the girl or guy wasn’t right for you, but you still wanted to test the waters. “Bloodline” is the story of my life. I can remember being set up on blind dates, and not liking the girl but I decided to give her a chance anyway. Knowing in the back of my mind that this wasn’t going anywhere. Ariana Grande hammers her point with the first line of the song. “Even though you're bad for me, I know you're the one that I'm thinking”. Whether you’re a man or women you can still relate to the message in this song.

I don’t need you and I’m so independent

By far one of my favorite songs on the album, but I couldn’t help but notice she doesn’t need me. I know this is an anthem for all the independent women out there. “I want it, I got it” is the focus of this club banger. Honestly, I can get into an independent woman. I prefer a woman that has a good job and pays her own bills. Doesn’t this make it easier on a guy? I like it, and I don’t really care how other people handle their business.

Make up sex is the best

Not only is this song soulful and smooth, Ariana Grande talks about her experiences with make up sex. I’m not the kind of guy that likes to go back and forth in a relationship. With me once its over, we are done for good. But I can remember once or twice where I got back together with a girl. The combination of you missing that person plus those feelings of someone really wanting you, can really make for some great sex. It almost seems like it’s a pattern for Ariana Grande, that may be a bad thing. Nobody should get used to breaking up.

May 31, 2019

Thank U, Next: A Solid and Wonderful Album From Ariana Grande But It Fails to Capitalize on Her Best Gift – Her Voice

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity  / 6 mins read

Ariana Grande holds a trump card up her sleeve which she hasn’t fully utilized yet and have been able to receive its full dividends. Thank u, next is already her fifth studio album in as many years, yet I am still looking for THAT song which is going to blow everyone’s brains out. I think you know what I mean. She has THE voice of an angel – and many divas before her have used that gift at some point of their careers to show to everyone what they are really capable of. Whitney Houston blew everyone away with her breathtaking rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” Celine Dion finally won a Grammy Album of the Year award partly because of her dramatic rendition of the Jim Steinman-penned song which was an operatic aria in pop terms “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”. For Mariah Carey, she did it for me with “I Don’t Wanna Cry”, where she showed the world she can be as soothing with her lowest octave as she can shatter glass with her highest octave. When Beyonce sings “Halo” it’s as if the heavens suddenly open up and bathe us with its calming light. THAT is what I am talking about. I have given thank u, next several spins and it is an aptly-titled album for a worldwide star who is social media savvy and knows how to market her love life to her adoring fans and control which tidbits of her emotions are for sale and which ones to keep for her own sanity. It is an album which sounds like a catharsis for Ariana especially after that Manchester incident which should have really shaken her to the core. Her kingdom of make believe suddenly shaken by the evils and the threat of terrorism just happening a few feet away from her. Thank u, next is a solid and wonderful effort from here, but there is no song in this album that showcases what her voice can REALLY do – and we all know that she is capable of doing much much more. One day soon, I’m sure she will use this trump card of hers, probably when she has to survive another wave of competition from younger female singers – that will be the day she can finally say to everyone – “Eat this, bitches!”

A Bevy of Songs Which Sound like the Personal Diary Entries of Ariana Grande

This album may not have that song that I’m looking for, but it does have plenty of songs which psychologists today would be very interested to learn about. It’s about a generation of pop stars who know what they want and go for it, a generation who has no qualms about talking about their love affairs in public, a generation who has to have a smart and witty tweet for the world in answer to all the bullshit that’s thrown at them. For me who grew up in a much different world, it IS a very scary world to grow up in. The three songs that Ariana Grande and her record company chose to release as singles for this album truly represent that spectrum of behavior. Although my country, the Philippines may seem modern and urbane on the outside, Filipino society still frowns on girls whose list of boyfriends is as long as their hair! That’s why when I listen to thank u, next I am amused that Ariana has a list of boyfriends as long as mine – and I’m a guy and she’s only in her early 20s and I’m way past middle age! I grew up in a generation where we were taught never to air our dirty linen in public – and that includes very public spats of our love affairs. Apparently, with this song, that practice has been thrown out of the house, like bathwater along with the baby! Still, it is a cute song and a funny one at that. At least nowadays, girls are more empowered about their relationships and don’t have to keep it bottled up like the heroines in Jane Austen’s novels. Oooohhh, I miss those days! NOT! The songs get even racier with “break up with your girlfriend (i’m bored).” I’m so scared now for my 12-year old niece who is a fan of Ariana. I don’t know though if she fully realizes what the song sings about – but at her tender age, I would advise her to leave all that naughty adult playing sang on that song to when she becomes an adult – and is able to fully process what goes on when a man and a woman fall in love. Was that song about a possible menage-a-trois and am I just acting like a prude? LOL I really blushed when I finally scrutinized the lyrics of that song. Naughty doesn’t even begin to describe it! Then there is “7 Rings.” If I were 24 years old now, this song would be my perfect mantra LOL “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”. The same mantra Hannibal Lecter told Clarice Starling in that Oscar-winning film The Silence of the Lambs _ “We covet what we see every day” - an eerie comparison but with similar motivations. Ironically though, it is the estates of Rodgers and Hammerstein of The Sound of Music, who are laughing all the way to the bank now as their “My Favorite Things” was sampled heavily in the song – and I say, what a clever way to sample a classic!

A Trio of Personal Favorites Round Out The Songs I Like in Aphrodite

Aside from those three, there are many other good songs in the album. The best for me would be “nasa”. I thought it stood for something like brb or lmfao, but the lyrics told me simply what it meant ‘Baby, you know time apart is beneficial / It's like I'm the universe and you'll be N-A-S-A” Ohhhhh how cute! There is also a beautiful ballad in the middle of the album entitled “ghostin.” Ariana already fully explained what that song meant in a tweet and it’s like that England Dan and John Ford Coley song that says “Oh, it’s sad to belong to someone else when the right one comes along.” However, Ariana puts an ethereal quality to the song which makes it stand out right in the middle of her album. Finally, I also like “imagine”, the first song in the album. It sets the mood of the listener and gives snippets of what to expect in the album. As Ariana sings it here “Click, click, click and post / Drip-drip-dripped in gold / Quick, quick, quick, let's go / Imagine a world like that”. No need to, Ariana. We are already seeing it in your world.

May 24, 2019

Ariana Turns Lemons Into Lemonade.

Written by @melodyjacob / 7 mins read

I love this album, and this is undoubtedly the most relatable album of Ariana Grande. “7 Rings” is actually the best song I've ever heard I love how Ariana Grande keep making all of her song have a charming feel. This album got everyone thinking, we all had something to say. I had something to say but we can never understand the whole inspiration behind this magical piece she brought to life. This defeats the whole purpose of "Money Can't Buy Everything". She took a classic song from a classic musical and changed the lyrics to be all about being rich. This is obviously talent. The most Iconic music video ever. What got me was that it had Mean Girls, Bring It On, 13 Going On 30, Legally Blonde, Cat and Robbie feels, Jennifer Coolidge, and more. Ariana literally broke the internet and wowed everyone even in her state of being criticized by the media. The song is amazing and I just covered thank u, next and my favorite song in this album is actually, “thank U, Next,” it did not only break the internet but it became an anthem for me and the ladies couldn't help but post photos saying thankful next twitter was on a hot sit for days after the release of this album. Ariana’s unique voice is a stand out and she proved her worth even more by turning lemons into lemonades with the album.

The Shocking Meaning Behind Ariana’s thank U, next Album

It is so obvious that “thank U, next” song is all about Ariana’s ex-boyfriends and the realizations she’s had in the aftermaths of those relationships. Talking about her relationship with musician Big Sean, she mentioned: “Thought I’d end up with Sean, but he wasn’t a match” I wonder how Big Sean took it. I remember seeing a picture of both of them on Facebook Big Sean posted it and tittle it a pet name, ARI. She made it clear that each relationship taught her something love, patience, and pain which is the best part of this album we can all relate, its human issues and we all go through this. She also said that she loved and lost but that doesn’t matter, because most importantly through these she’s learned to love and be patient with herself. Towards the end of the song, Ariana confesses one day she will walk down the aisle, having grown from all the drama, and make sure her marriage lasts. Women really loved this album and sang it so loud and one good thing is that this album gave hope to many. Imagine is clearly about her late ex Mac Miller. She clarified her interpretation of the song further to a fan on twitter. "Kind of like... pretending it never ended. Denial. But I look forward to you hearing it and having your own experience with it. You may take away something totally different and specific to your life! Love u." We will do better if when we listen to music be learn to pick out the good from the bad, Ariana shared her ups and downs in this album, she shared her failure, beautiful parts and celebrated her growth. Life is about growing up and moving on to the positive side and each time we get to overcome our challenges we climb a step higher. She wrote in a screenshot she shared on her Instagram Story. "But for those of you asking about ‘Imagine’: I would say if ‘Thank U, Next’ = acceptance… ‘Imagine’ = denial. Hope that makes sense." Well it made so much sense and yes Ariana did it so I can.

Movie Scenes That Made It Into thank U, next Album

Bring It On was clearly a part of the music video for “7 Rings”, I saw Ari as Torrance who’s brushing her teeth alongside her love interest Cliff. From Daniella Monet, Victoria Monet and Tayla Parx to the very pregnant YouTube icon Colleen Ballinger, they all come together to put on a performance, and it was totally amazing. Legally Blonde, as the beautiful and smart Elle Woods, we see the star drive her convertible with her dog Toulouse and get her nails done with the very actress that played Paulette in the movie, Jennifer Coolidge. We see Ariana teach The Bend and Snap, run on the treadmill and enjoy a book on law. 13 Going on 30 showed as the lovable Jenna stuck in a 30-year-old’s body and life, we see the singer sit next to the famous dollhouse. She is an exact replica of the character in the movie played by Jennifer Garner with her hair, makeup, and outfit everything was very perfected. I couldn't help but scream when I saw the Mean Girls character in that music video, ahh, Ariana actually transformed into our all-time favourite baddie, Regina George, with her long blonde hair, gold initial necklace and burn book, you know from the get-go the videos set to be a trip. The pages of the burn book reveal intimate thoughts of Ariana about each of her exes. And, of course, it wouldn’t be Mean Girls without the iconic Christmas talent show performance, which the pop star completely slayed.

Ariana Accused For Stealing The Song “7 Rings”

Well, this is not the first time and artist is being accused of stealing content and it will not be the last. As we all know it always starts from Twitter, people saying it sounds like an assortment of borrowed things and artists aren’t being shy about speaking out. Of all this I think she nailed it perfectly in her own way. Other artist that felt Soulja Boy deserves some credit called Ari out on twitter even before he did saying give me my credit publicly. Princess Nokia was the 1st person to call our Ariana Grande she spoke out saying she stole her track Mine but honestly It was very difficult not to argue with the underground rapper, as Ari’s flow and even the lyrics from “7 Rings” seem to mimic what Nokia already put out in her music. Ariana repeats the lines, “I want it, I got it” while Nokia’s track goes, “It’s mine, I bought it.” The delivery is so similar. I didn't really expect 2 Chainz to call her out but when he did I was not surprised. He wrote in an Instagram post saying Ariana Grande’s pink trap house visuals seen in the “7 Rings” music video resemble that of the rapper’s own “Door Swangin” music video. He went ahead saying his track “Spend It” rings a familiar bel, “It’s mine, I spend it.” This was huge controversy.

thank U, next Album Overview

It is very clear the hard work Ariana Grande put into this album but nevertheless her production team was filled with alot of talented people who brought this hard work to reality. She worked with the ever talented producers in the industry, Max Martin and Andrew "Pop" Wenzel, as her with executive producer. Ariana Grande began recording the album after she first said that she would take a break and rest from the music due to her relationship pressure and all that and the inspiration kicked in and here we are with this beautiful masterpiece. She said it took less than 3 weeks to record the album, well that is really fast. Musician Max Martin contributed to the creation of the album, producing and composing songs with Ilya Salmanzade, Ariana Grande, Kotechei and Alexander Kronlund, they created several tracks featured in the album, including “Bloodline”, “Bad Idea”, “Ghostin” and “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored”, while the title track was produced by Tommy Brown and the Social House.

May 17, 2019
Ariana Grande Is Thankful For The Past And Creating The Future
Ariana Grande's latest album, called thank u, next, seems to be a mixture of songs related to self-discovery, ambition, building confidence and being grateful for the past while creating the future. The "moral" of the album could be to accept the past as it is (while there's no way of changing it) and learn from it. Working on yourself, creating the best version of yourself and seeking self-discovery are the best choices every person can make. thank u, next is Ariana's fifth studio album and the first album in which she co-wrote every track, and it doesn't include any features. The album arrived just 5 months and 22 days after her fourth studio album called Sweetener. It seems like it was intentionally published after 5 months and 22 days since the date of unfortunate event of Manchester arena bombing occurred is 5/22. It's a quite interesting story how the name of album was decided or created. After Ariana Grande called off her engagement with American comedian and actor Pete Davidson, her ex-fiancé made a joke about it in a promotional clip for Saturday Night Live. Her response to the joke was writing two tweets, the first one was : "for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh" and the second one was shorter but more precise and enough to make everyone talk about how she dissed her ex-fiancé, she just wrote : "thank u, next". It sounded like she isn't concerned about their failed engagement and that she's ready for next boy to bring some drama to her life. But is the homonymous single on her album really about that?
May 13, 2019
Thank You Ariana Grande… When Are We Going To Have The Next?
Sometimes you lose the hope in the things you once believed and you had the confidence that they were always going to be there, perfect, untouchable. The music industry on many occasions is a factory of disappointments, disposable artists or just rubbish. Works for oblivion, large advertising campaigns for those who do not deserve it and who will not leave anything more than a few dollars of profit, but no benefit for those who support the music business. We only ask for respect, quality material that does not miss the intention of performers and composers to provoke unforgettable experiences for music consumers and not only see in them the possibility of making money composing on request or simply following the current of what is fashionable at the time. And believe me, year after year I see with absolute disbelief how many in this business follow the formulas without caring even their own dignity. Fortunately, there are islands in the middle of the ocean of rubbish that provide a breath of relief and strengthen our faith in the sublime art of music. So, get ready to give a breath of fresh air to your soul and enjoy the biggest of the moment, an artist who at her young age does not conform to repeat the formulas and copy the styles. A singer who has been through very difficult times and has risen with impressive courage to transmit to all her generation a message of strength rarely seen. Always in motion and with the determination to transcend far beyond her own time. With a privileged voice and a well-polished technique to meet the highest standards. We can assure that she already has a place among the best exponents of the genres she dominates. No doubt, Ariana Grande surprises us on each album and thank u, next is the best sign of it.
May 08, 2019
Ariana Keeps Pushing Her Little Ol’ Self, Inspiring Me To Set Wrongs Right
How can so much confidence and energy come from such a ting diminutive body? And while we are on that line of reasoning, where does that ridiculous amount of voice come from? All these marvels are on display with Ariana Grande’s latest album thank u, next, which is one hell of a modern album. It doesn’t come off as commercial at all? My favorite tracks, “Ghostin”, “7 Rings”, “needy”, and “thank u, next”, all both apologize and back up what the hell is going on in Grande’s life. What is so funny is in a way, that is exactly how I go about my own personal business. My fascination with lean and drugs, for instance, has rubbed off on the younger homies in my life where I’m from, and guess what – when I found out I influenced them in that way, it really gave me pause. I’m loving Ariana right now, as she comes into her own.
May 08, 2019
What’s Happened To My Grrl?
Full disclaimer: this is not so much an indictment of Ariana Grande’s style on thank u, next, but I have to admit that I am disappointed that she thinks she is a rapper now. Why is every pop artist in music trying to act tough, or like they are the fourth member of the Migos? It makes me thing of a No Jumper interview (with Adam22) that I saw recently where a super thot named Celina Powell admitted, after all of her historic shenanigans, that she is not a fighter and will call the cops if stuff starts poppin off. That is so not her IG persona, but the truth is all of these little girls love to play tough. So in the same way, Grande’s most trappish songs happen to be her worst here. I want to tell this pop star that I love and who is very talented to stop frontin and start making music that matters more.

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  • Happy Perez
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Thank U, Next (stylized in all lowercase) is the fifth studio album by American singer Ariana Grande, released on February 8, 2019, by Republic Records. Following the release of her previous studio album Sweetener (2018), Grande began working on a new album in October of the same year, enlisting writers and producers such as Tommy Brown, Max Martin, Ilya Salmanzadeh and Andrew "Pop" Wansel. The album was created in the midst of personal matters, including the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and break up with fiancé Pete Davidson.
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